Men deserve to look good too

DermaFrac treatment


Its not just women who like to look and feel good about themselves, so this Father’s Day would be the ideal time to treat yourself or the special man in your life.

The key principles of good skin do not differ greatly between men and women. There are however a couple of key differences when choosing the right skincare and treatments for men.

  • Men like to keep it simple. Anything overly complex or time-consuming leaves most men bored and therefore unlikely to keep up their skincare regime.
  • Men’s skin is generally more oily meaning lighter products are more appropriate.
  • Treatments ideally need to be quick, results driven and above all discreet.

At Woodford Medical we have a strong male client base who enjoy a wide range of our treatments.

Botox™ for Wrinkles

This increasingly popular treatment amongst men comes with certain caveats - male Botox for lines and wrinkles should look natural with lots of movement still available. Just like our female client’s, men definitely don’t want a “frozen” appearance or shiny forehead but rather a softer, more relaxed look.

Botox™ for Sweating

Men tend to produce more sweat than women– this can go one stage further and lead to excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis to give it its medical name. This uncomfortable and embarrassing condition can easily be prevented by precisely injecting Botox in the underarms.

Botox™ for Bruxism

Bruxism effects both men and women equally. Teeth grinding and jaw clenching is often related to stress or anxiety. Some people get facial pain and headaches, and it can wear down your teeth over time. As this can occur during sleep you may not even be aware you are grinding your teeth until your dentist points it out to you. With a few simple Botox injections into the jaw muscle this distressing problem can be addressed.


Men are often more relaxed when it comes to applying sun cream to their face, this can lead to sun damage including pigmentation and redness. IPL Photorejuvenation, also known as Fotofacial, is the most effective treatment for the reduction of sun spots, flushing and face veins. The treatment can be performed in as little as 15 minutes, depending on the area and leaves the skin looking healthy and more youthful.

We can also combine an Epionce Skin Peel with the IPL Photorejuvenation treatment. The IPL reduces redness, sun damage and blemishes whilst the Epionce Skin Peel improves the appearance, tone and texture of the skin. The Fotopeel targets problems and delivers results.


DermaFrac treament

This four in one treatment is really popular with our male clients as it combines many skin rejuvenating therapies in one. Designed to improve skin quality, decongest and deliver anti-ageing technology deep into the skin, this is ideal for the man who just wants to “improve and go”.

Epionce Skincare

Simple, effective and proven, our award winning Epionce Skincare range has been formulated for both men and women. With a quick consultation we can provide you with a skincare regime to suit your skin type and lifestyle.

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