Skin Peels

Skin Peels - Epionce peels are formulated to improve the appearance, tone and texture of the skin.

Skin ageing, sun damage and in particular acne can be difficult to treat and reverse. But a scientifically proven, effective peel can make all the difference to all of these stubborn conditions. Gone are the days when a peel was aggressive and painful, causing redness, flaking skin and days or weeks of downtime. Here at Woodford Medical our peels are efficacious yet gentle, leaving the skin beautifully resurfaced, soft, clear and smooth. And what’s more, the greatest breakthrough is no down time: so you’re ready for work or that special occasion with minimal downtime.

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Epionce Skin Peels

Straightforward, effective and proven: these three words sum up the remarkable and results-driven Epionce Skin Peel System. Leading dermatologist, Dr Carl Thornfeldt developed the system in the US for all skin types, and it is particularly renowned and effective for treating ageing, sun damaged and blemished skin.

These powerful Epionce peels deploy natural ingredients to deliver maximum effect with minimum disruption to the skin. In short no downtime and no recovery time. A breakthrough in the world of the peel. The peels can be combined with microdermabrasion where appropriate to enhance their effect.

What are the benefits?

  • Significant improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Marked reduction in hyperpigmentation and blemishes caused by sun damage.
  • Considerable decrease in pore size and an overall refinement in the texture and tone of the skin.
  • Reduction in the effects of Rosacea and acne scarring.

Epionce Lite Refresh Peel

This is ideal for anyone embarking on a peel for the first time or for those clients seeking a lighter alternative to the existing Epionce regime. The main benefit of the peel is to enhance skin hydration and encourage cell turnover. Results are impressive: skin has a glowing, smooth and more youthful appearance without any redness, peeling or flaking.

This treatment is ideal prep for weddings, parties or special occasions – book in with our highly skilled Epionce therapist now.

Epionce Lite Refresh Peel and Microdermabrasion

The Lite Refresh Peel can be successfully combined with Microdermabrasion for an enhanced exfoliating skin makeover. Dull, dead skin cells will be removed to reveal a lighter, brighter, radiant complexion. Your Aesthetic Therapist will advise you on whether this is suitable for your skin type. Read more about our Microdermabrasion treatment.

Epionce Lite Refresh Peel and Dermaplaning

This treatment combines the exfoliative effect of both the Dermaplaning scalpel and the Epionce Life Refresh Peel. The Dermaplaning mechanically removes the superficial dead skin cells and fine vellus hairs thus allowing optimum product absorption from the peel leaving you with glowing, youthful skin.

Consult your Aesthetic Therapist about your suitability for this treatment or read more about Dermaplaning.

Epionce Corrective Peel

This is a more advanced treatment and suitable for those with more advanced anti-ageing concerns – lines, wrinkles and sun damage. It is formulated to improve the appearance, tone and texture of the skin by increasing cell turnover. Your Therapist can bespoke adjust the strength and intensity of the treatment for your particular needs and issues. Optimal results are achieved when this treatment is part of a course of three and Epionce products are used for two weeks prior to the treatment.


We have combined our Epionce peels with the IPL Photorejuvenation to create one remarkable treatment we have called Fotopeel. This is a new treatment, highly recommended for Rosacea sufferers, acne sufferers and those wishing to maximise the effects of photo-rejuvenation on their skin. This treatment combines an IPL photo-rejuvenation treatment with either an Epionce Lite refresh peel or an Epionce Corrective peel depending on the severity of their skin condition, enhancing the effects of both treatments and giving results that are better than ever. Click here for further information on IPL Photo-rejuvenation.

Collagen Peel

The Collagen Peel is a brand new treatment launched by Woodford Medical which combines the benefits of two of our most popular treatments Microneedling Collagen P.I.N. and the Epionce Lite Refresh Peel.

The Collagen P.I.N part of the treatment gives rejuvenation and collagen induction and the Epionce Peel provides retexturising and refinement.

This advanced anti-ageing treatment targets fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, rough texture and pore size as well as improving overall complexion and glow.

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Where are these treatments available?

These treatments are available in Essex, Cambridge, London, Belfast and Leamington Spa.


I began to have Epionce peels every four weeks and had a total of six peels and some were combined with microdermabrasion. By the fifth peel the results were speaking for themselves and now writing this after the sixth peel, I am glowing inside and out and wondering why I didn’t visit Woodford Medical sooner.

One of my friends recommended trying Woodford Medical and how glad I am that I took their advice. After a thorough consultation I swapped my skincare regime to one specifically tailored to my skin condition from Epionce. I also began to have skin peels and now writing this after the sixth peel, I am glowing inside and out and wondering why I didn’t visit Woodford Medical sooner.

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