Fotopeel™ - Two treatments working together to give smooth, blemish free, even skin.

We have combined IPL Photorejuvenation with an Epionce peel to create a procedure that optimises the benefits of both to deliver one remarkable treatment.

The Photorejuvenation stage helps to reduce redness, pigmentation, blemishes and sun-damage whilst the Epionce Peel improves the appearance, tone and texture of the skin. Put together they work synergistically to give the most amazing enhancement as well as removing annoying marks and blemishes.

Acne and Rosacea sufferers will be delighted with the reduction in redness and scarring whilst regretful sun-worshippers will see a transformation from dull, dry pigmented skin to a bright, hydrated and more even toned complexion.

Fotopeel™ is a treatment designed to target problems and deliver results.

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Where is this treatment available?

Fotopeel clinics in Essex, Cambridge, London, Belfast and Leamington Spa clinics.

To find out more about our IPL Photorejuvenation and Epionce Skin Peel treatment follow the links.


I am so happy I have found a treatment that actually works and has cleared my acne. I want to share it with everyone.

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