Botox® For Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

Using Botox® for teeth grinding or Bruxism - help to improve teeth grinding and relieve jaw clenching.

Teeth grinding, otherwise known as Bruxism, is a common and debilitating problem. Not only does it wear down, break and damage the teeth and fillings but regular and persistent grinding of the teeth can also result in jaw ache, headache, TMJ, neck ache and earache.

Commonly treated with uncomfortable mouth guards and also muscular relaxation exercises – both techniques are generally found to be ineffective. Here at Woodford Medical we can help with this problem by using precisely administered Botox® injection to weaken the Masseter muscle, the muscle responsible for teeth grinding and clenching. The treatment can go a long way to help saving your teeth and relieving headaches and pains caused by this troublesome condition.

When does Bruxism occur?

Bruxism usually happens subconsciously as we sleep. It is often a consequence of stress or anxiety. There are two classifications of the problem:

  • Awake Bruxism is characterised by involuntary clenching of the teeth and jaw bracing in reaction to certain stimuli. There is generally no tooth grinding with awake bruxism.
  • Sleep Bruxism is characterised by automatic teeth grinding with rhythmic and sustained jaw muscle contractions

What are the effects of Bruxism?

There are multiple adverse effects on sufferers: some short term which disappear when the Bruxism ceases and others are long term and permanent. Bruxism sufferers are three times more likely to experience headaches: they can also endure aching of the jaw and facial muscles, known as facial myalgia. Many patients find themselves in a hospital pain clinic try to find some respite from their chronic discomfort. Bruxism sufferers commonly have a disrupted nights sleep and their partners can be kept awake by the noise their condition makes.

How can this treatment help you?

Thankfully there is a relatively painless solution to all of this. Our highly qualified and experienced doctors can precisely relax the muscles of the face involved with the grinding and clenching– relieving the symptoms of chronic pain and reducing the wearing down of teeth and fillings. Woodford Medical has over a decade of experience in treating Bruxism with specially administered Botox® injections.

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Enduring the pain of teeth grinding night or day? If you would like to discuss with us how a Botox® treatment can help you feel normal again just contact our friendly Treatment Advisors today.

Before & After Botox® for teeth grinding treatments

Botox bruxism - before treatment
Botox Bruxism - after treatment

Where are Botox® for Bruxism treatments available?

Botox® clinics in Essex, Cambridge, London, Belfast and Leamington Spa.


I would definitely recommend Botox injections for Bruxism to anyone, and have already put another family member who also suffers in touch with Woodford Medical to help her too.

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