Botox® For Lines & Wrinkles

Botox® - smooth and relax forehead, frown lines and crows feet in a natural and subtle way.

Botox® for wrinkles is the number one bestselling medical aesthetic procedure of its kind. This FDA approved treatment has been offered by Woodford Medical for the last 25 years and remains the cornerstone of the clinic by offering a safe and natural solution to our clients’ lines and furrows. We treat every client as an individual and focus on their own particular requirements by delivering subtle but noticeable results. Our team of medical injectors are all highly skilled and each bring their own variation of expertise to ensure that your face looks refreshed, younger and line-free. It therefore speaks volumes that we were ranked in the top 10 injectors in the UK by the Telegraph and Evening Standard.

Choosing the right practitioner for your treatment is so important as the cosmetic industry is largely unregulated in the UK. Although Botox is a prescription only medicine and by law can only be administered by a medically qualified injector, there are many unlicenced and unqualified injectors using inferior branded products at knock-down prices thereby putting their client’s health and safety at risk. We always recommend that potential clients do their research before they choose their practitioner.

Client Safety for Botox treatments

At Woodford Medical we only use licenced products manufactured by industry leaders Allergan as they have been through stringent testing by UK controls and the FDA in the US. In addition, our injector team comprises of Doctors and Nurses who have trained extensively in this procedure and offer over 60 years of experience between them. Your safety as a client of Woodford Medical is paramount to us so you can be relaxed and confident when undergoing treatment with our injector team at any of our clinics.

Before & After Gallery for Botox treatments

What can we offer you for your Botox® treatments?

Our experienced team of doctors and nurses are dedicated to giving you complete continuity of care – from initial consultation to treatment review. We will look after you and guide you through the process, so it is as easy, pleasurable and efficacious as possible. Not only this we employ helpful and knowledgeable advisors and support staff, so all of our team are qualified to talk you through our treatments. Your first consultation will be followed by a full assessment and also before and after photography so you can admire the results for yourself. We also offer a free two-week follow up review to ensure our clients complete satisfaction. Woodford Medical is registered with the CQC – Care Quality Commission.

What areas can we treat with Botox® treatments?

Botox® works by blocking the message from the nerve to the muscle instructing that muscle to contract. Without that message the muscle is in a state of relaxation until the Botox wears off and contractions start again.

By using small injections of Botox® in the area between the eyebrows, the so-called number 11 frown lines or wrinkles, can be relaxed and the heaviness of the brow lifted. Gently expanding these droplet injections up onto the forehead will naturally soften horizontal worry lines.

A similar minimalistic approach to the side of the eye in the laughter lines will freshen the smile and reduce the wrinkling effect.

The mouth wrinkles can also benefit from Botox® injections by placing tiny droplets of injections along the lip edge reducing the intensity of the lip pucker and softening lip lines. This also helps to expose more of the pink vermilion producing the so called ‘lip flip’.

Smiles that expose the gum can be enhanced by injections of Botox placed in the top lip midway between the nose and pink vermilion border.

Botox® injections can also enhance your appearance by sharpening the jaw line, reducing jowls, and smoothing the neck – known as the “Nefertiti”.

Treating excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) in areas such as the underarms and forehead. In this treatment the Botox will block the message from the nerve to the sweat gland stopping the production of sweat.

Reducing chronic headaches and migraines by placing a series of injections from the forehead and frown area to over the scalp and down to the back of the neck, reducing the tension that often triggers them.

Preventing Bruxism – otherwise known as teeth grinding this process can lead to destruction of teeth, an overdeveloped masseter muscle and severe headaches and discomfort. It is often associated with stressful times and the teeth clenching becomes a habit which needs to be broken. Injections of Botox are made directly into the masseter muscle but can be extended to the temporal muscle and area of the TMJ-Temporomandibular joint.

Where are Botox® treatments available?

Botox® clinics in Essex, Cambridge, London, Belfast and Leamington Spa.


Delighted with the service. Complete professionals and I have absolute trust in Woodford. The doctor has just the right balance of injectable skill, tact, friendliness and is an outstanding practitioner.

I have received several Botox treatments and am very pleased with the treatment and results. The doctor is very skilled and has maintained a fresh look on my skin without making it appear stretched or unnatural. I would recommend them to anyone.

I love the look that Botox gives me - I still look like me but on a really really good day

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