Poor Skin Quality, Scars And Stretchmarks

Do you have poor skin quality? Do you have unsightly stretchmarks or scar tissue? We have several great treatments that can assist in the improvement of these conditions.

Quick facts

Stress and poor sleep have an adverse effect on the skin.

Pollution causes premature ageing.

The skin is the body’s largest organ

Eight out of ten pregnant women get stretch marks.

The most common causes of poor skin quality are chronic dehydration, poor nutrition, insufficient sleep, free radical damage and sun damage. These factors all attack the skin by reducing the oxygen and nutrients delivered to the dermis and epidermis. A good diet remains high on the list of ways to keep skin health uppermost. Your daily consumption of food should include a colourful array of fruit and vegetables to ensure that there is a sufficient intake of vital vitamins and minerals. Coffee, alcohol and smoking all serve to further dehydrate the skin leaving it looking flat and lifeless.

Skin is exposed to environmental damage on a daily basis as well as being attacked by UV rays and pollutants all of which erode the skin’s protective layers. Excessive levels of traffic pollution can kill skin cells and affect collagen production whilst air borne particles can block and congest pores. This can lead to unsightly brown spots, broken red veins and permanent redness not to mention increasing the likelihood of break-outs, dryness and flakiness.

Scarring is an unwelcome reminder of either an old wound or maybe a skin condition like acne and either way it can be both unsightly and confidence shaking. Left alone scars usually fade over time but never completely disappear without treatment to minimise the appearance.

Stretchmarks are a form of scarring affecting many adolescents when they have a sudden growth spurt or weight gain. They can be pink, red, brown or purple and usually fade to a silvery grey over time and can appear on the stomach, legs, arms, bottom or back.

We have a large number of treatments to improve skin quality and diminish scars and stretchmarks.


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