Microdermabrasion - is an effective form of exfoliation which reveals brighter skin without using chemicals or lasers.

At Woodford Medical we use a specialised medical microdermabrasion system suitable for all skin types. DermaGenesis Microdermabrasion machines use medical grade crystals that are vacuumed across the outer surface of the skin at a high velocity, using a closed loop power system and hand piece. The crystals exfoliate the outer most layer of the skin, exposing living skin cells that are soft, smooth and receptive to nutrients. The underlying epidermis is also stimulated by abrasion and vacuum. This promotes generation of new collagen that thickens the dermis and improves resistance to the effects of ageing, improving fine lines and texture – giving you a more glowing, plump and youthful look. The procedure is non-invasive and painless with no downtime. Microdermabrasion treats all skin types and provides instant gratification and an immediate, noticeable effect.

Optimum results for the skin are obtained through a course of treatments, typically four to eight sessions, spaced fourteen days apart. You should see visible improvements in four to five weeks. The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes; there is no discomfort, no side effects and no downtime.

For an intensive treatment and even more impressive results this can be combined with an Epionce skin peel. Click here for details on Epionce skin peels.

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What are the benefits?

This treatment has been clinically proven to treat or diminish:

  • Dry or Patchy Skin
  • Oily Skin
  • Fine Lines and wrinkles
  • Sun Damaged Skin
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Superficial Age Spots
  • Acne Prone Skin and Acne Scars
  • Blackheads and Whiteheads
  • Certain Types of Scar Tissue

If you’re aware your skin is dull, pigmented or uneven in tone, a course of medical microdermabrasion will result in a glowing, smooth, even and bright complexion. It is an ideal treatment to help you prepare for a special occasion, party or wedding or alternatively to treat unsightly skin blemishes or acne scarring. Call our Treatment Advisors now to book your appointment or click here to request more information.

Where is this treatment available?

Microdermabrasion clinics in Essex, Cambridge, London, Belfast and Leamington Spa.


What is Dermaplaning?

This is a safe, painless, non-invasive treatment that removes the top dead layers of skin cells. The clinician expertly glides a surgical blade over the surface of the skin painlessly lifting off the dull and dead layers. This delivers a really thorough exfoliation that leaves skin ready to absorb skin peels and products more effectively. It also has the benefit of removing peach fuzz (what is technically known as the very fine, light-coloured vellus hair that covers the face), revealing a smooth and glowing surface to the skin.

How does Dermaplaning differ to Microdermabrasion? Both are forms of physical exfoliation which effectively removes a layer of dead and dull skin cells from the surface of the dermis and also opens up congested pores. Both are very precise although Microdermabrasion can be particularly helpful at unclogging pores in difficult areas such as the nose. Dermaplaning has the additional benefit of removing peach fuzz or vellus hair.

Where is Dermaplaning available?

Dermaplaning is are available in our clinics in Essex, Cambridge, London and Belfast.

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