IPL using BBL/Moxi Laser Technology

BBL is the most advanced and powerful form of IPL for the treatment of pigmentation, sun damage and facial redness

Broad Band Light or BBL® HERO™ as it is more commonly known, is the latest innovation from Sciton, the US laser giants whose physicist gurus invented this truly remarkable laser which promises to transform blemished skin at a remarkable speed.

How does Sciton BBL® HERO™ treatment work?

During treatment, a handpiece delivers high intensity pulses of laser light into the skin. Your practitioner will carefully select the relevant filters, energy levels and cooling settings to suit your own individual skin. The light simultaneously targets and clears multiple skin issues such as redness, sun damage, pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Research has also shown that regular Sciton BBL®HERO™ treatments boosts the genes in skin cells associated with youth, helps preserve collagen and reduces the rate at which skin ages. In addition, by boosting collagen and elastin, BBL®HERO™ treatment improves the appearance of fine lines and pores giving better quality and more radiant skin.

What does Sciton BBL® HERO™ treatment do?

Broad Band Light is an advanced skin treatment with the following benefits:

  • Clears pigmentation.
  • Reduces freckles, age and sun spots.
  • Improves the general colour of skin darkened with time from ageing and sun exposure.
  • Reduces facial broken capillaries and thread veins.
  • Reduces general redness and flushing caused by Rosacea.
  • Reduces redness, pigmentation commonly seen on the side of the neck and chest area.
  • Tackles active acne.
  • Minimises scars.
  • Provides total skin rejuvenation.

What areas can be treated with BBL® Hero™ ?

BBL® HERO™ is safe to treat anywhere on the body and the results are equally good. The common areas to be treated are:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Décolletage
  • Backs of hands
  • Arms
  • Back

These areas are often combined within one treatment.

The treatment is very tolerable and normal activities can be resumed immediately although avoidance of sunbathing is strongly recommended immediately before and after treatment and tanned skins ( fake or real) cannot be treated.

A course of three treatments is recommended spaced 4-8 weeks apart and then regular treatments if you are on the Forever Young programme.

Before and after BBL/Moxi laser

What is Forever Young BBL®?

A new study recently published in the US Journal of Investigative Dermatology shows that Sciton BBL® treatments can change the expression of genes associated with the ageing process to more closely resemble young skin leading to the development of the treatment package known as Forever Young BBL®.

Forever Young is the name given to a full-face BBL® treatment for maintaining and preventing skin ageing once the skin has been corrected with an initial course of three BBL treatments. Forever Young maintenance treatments should be done two to four times a year to continue to boost collagen and stall the skin ageing process.

BBL® Forever Clear for acne

Forever Clear takes BBL® technology and combines it with carefully programmed settings for a multi-faceted approach to combat teen or adult acne. Stage one eliminates the bacteria which is the root cause of acne. Stage two combats the redness and hyperpigmentation left from the acne breakout. The final stage promotes healing whilst restoring radiance and brightness to the skin. Treatments take place once or twice a week for 8 weeks as recommended by your practitioner.

BBL® SkinTyte

Using infrared light, BBL® SkinTyte is a non-invasive treatment to reduce sagging skin and restore youthful proportions to the treated area. This safe procedure can be performed anywhere on the face or body and is suitable for most skin types.

Before and after BBL/Moxi laser treatment

Moxi Fractional Laser Treatment for skin rejuvenation

Moxi Laser is a next generation fractional non-ablative 1927 wavelength laser which is customised to trigger the skin into the natural repair process thereby stimulating collagen, elastic production giving complete rejuvenation.

Perfect anti-ageing treatment for:

  • Melasma
  • Pigmentation spots
  • Rough skin texture
  • Poor skin tone and reducing pores

The procedure can safely be used all year round and is suitable for most skin types. It can also be used on all areas of the body including face, neck, chest and hands.

Several days after treatment, MENDS (Microscopic Epidermal Necrotic Debris) as they are known, rise to the surface of the skin in the treated area appearing like sandpaper or coffee grounds on the skin’s surface. This is the skin’s core response to the treatment and a clear sign that the procedure is working well.

As Moxi Laser is gentle and non-ablative make-up can be worn post treatment, although a sun screen is essential.

Prior to treatment an aesthetic cream is applied to ensure that you are comfortable throughout the procedure.

We recommend a course of 3 treatments initially and then a regular maintenance package to preserve optimum skin health.

Moxi Laser can be performed as a stand-alone treatment but also works synergistically with BBL Hero to give total face and body renewal by brightening, lightening and refreshing the skin.

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Where is this treatment available?

The BBL and/or Moxi treatment is available in our Essex and Cambridge clinics.

The BBL treatment is available in our Belfast clinic.

If you would like beautiful smooth blemish free skin and want to maintain it for many years to come then consider booking an appointment with one of our advanced Therapists to find out exactly how BBL® HERO™/Moxi and its associated add-on features can improve your skin.


I was introduced to this new treatment by my therapist Debbie and I am SO pleased with the results. I have two sun spots that I have been trying to get rid of for such a long time and after 3 sessions of BBL and Moxi it has gone! I can't believe it. I absolutely love this treatment.

I have been slightly embarrassed about the sun damage and brown spots on my hands for ages. Having had three sessions of BBL/Moxi they are now completely flawless and clear. I am so impressed that even the smallest of brown marks have gone. It's a brilliant treatment.

I have had the most amazing results on my chest with the new BBL treatment. I had acquired a lot of sun damage there over the years which made my chest look much older than my face. Thanks to this fantastic treatment all the freckling and pigmentation has gone! I would certainly recommend this to my friends.

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