Botox™ for Men


In the right injector’s hands, the transformation achieved with Botox™ is spectacular whilst at the same time avoiding changes which look unnatural. This will make you look like a better version of yourself without looking like you have had something done.

Before and after botox treatment

What can Botox™ or Brotox do for men?

  • Botox™ will make you look younger by dramatically slowing the ageing process.
  • Botox™ will relax your frown and reduce the appearance of forehead and laughter lines.
  • Refreshes the face making you look more relaxed and less stressed.
  • This treatment leaves you looking and feeling more confident.

How long does Botox™ take to work?

There is nothing to see after the injections as the treatments are performed using a very fine needle. The effects of Botox start from the fourth day onwards and gradually increases over the first two weeks.

The Best Botox™

Here at Woodford Medical we use injection techniques that our doctors have developed over the past twenty plus years. The male frown muscle is extremely strong and requires precise, targeted injections using a concentrated form of Botox™. Different Botox® dilutions are preferred on the forehead and around the eyes to ensure a natural looking outcome.

With clinics in London, Cambridge, Essex, Leamington Spa and Belfast you are never very far away from an expert injector.

Male botox

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