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Over the years we have attracted a large number of clients who work in the entertainment industry in areas such as drama, theatre, films and TV. They almost unanimously request Botox treatments that retain some degree of animation or movement whilst at the same time controlling the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Often clients will have very specific requirements. “I don’t need to be able to frown but I still need to be able to look surprised”. In others the opposite is true and the ability to have some frown movement is necessary.

“When the Game of Thrones cast arrived in Northern Ireland for filming we started to get very specific requests for Botox treatments and our injection techniques were adapted to suit their needs”

Kerry Patterson Advanced Injector in the Belfast clinic.

Injector experience is key

This has led us to develop a technique where we allow some natural expression and movement to retain that person’s character. This involves using different concentrations of Botox on different parts of the face and neck so that we match the degree of softening to their specific requirements. The more concentrated form is used in places such as the corrugator muscle (the muscles which pull the eyebrows together to create the frown), allowing us to place high doses very specifically into that muscle. The opposite is the case on the forehead where we use multiple injection sites all across the frontalis muscle with a more dilute solution to reduce lines and wrinkles, thereby avoiding the ultra-smooth, marble effect.

“For twenty plus years we have been reviewing and developing our injection strategies to ensure that we achieve the results that each individual desires - a one size fits all approach doesn’t work”

Dr Hilary Allan our Medical Director in Essex, London and Cambridge

Natural results

It is essential that results appear natural when the face is both at rest and animated, especially when smiling, and as such great attention to detail is required where the ‘botoxed’ areas meet the rest of the face. A gentle tapering of the dose on the lower laughter lines is required to ensure that the smile remains natural. Micro dots of toxin can help soften wrinkles in the under-eye area but great care is needed as this technique may not suit every client.

Many require subtle injections on the bridge and side of the nose so that with certain facial movements everything transitions naturally.

“There is nothing that pleases me more than for a patient to be really pleased with the results of their Botox but none of their friends and family notices”

Oona Zia Advanced Injector in the Danbury and Leamington Spa clinics.

A very personalised treatment plan

Understanding the individual and using one’s experience allows for an outcome tailored to their needs. In reality almost everyone has a different view on what they want to achieve and so with each individual we strive to understand what they require. A thorough consultation before embarking is essential so be prepared for a detailed assessment before we proceed with any treatment.

Signs of bad Botox™

People say to you “oh what have you had done?”

Your forehead looks unnaturally shiny, smooth and immobile

You look surprised all the time

When you smile a shelf appears on your cheek

Your brows are lower or you look tired

Weird movement appears on the sides of the nose

New lines appear that you didn’t have before

Signs that your Botox™ has been done well

Friends compliment you on how well you look

You look rested and refreshed

You can animate your face naturally with a lovely natural smile

You feel positive and uplifted

Woodford Medical has been voted one of the top clinics for Botox treatments by Hello Magazine and the Evening Standard. Recently we were interviewed by Leah Hardy for The Telegraph, click here to read the full article.

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