Which Cosmetic Procedures are on the Rise?

Thanks to the advancements which have been made in the field of cosmetics, it is now easier than ever for the general public to improve their appearance as they see fit. There are some procedures which have been popularised in the media, in particular due to the actions of celebrities. It is important to note, though, that there are other treatments which perhaps do not get the recognition that they deserve. Thanks to our status as one of the finest Cambridge skin clinics, here at Woodford Medical there is seemingly no end to the ways in which we can offer assistance. Below, you can find our team’s opinions on some of the more niche procedures available.

Thread Lifts

When it comes to symbols of beauty, one of the first things which will undoubtedly come to mind is a sculpted and chiseled jawline. For many years, those who have been naturally blessed with this feature were the only ones about to enjoy it. However, in the modern era, there is an artificial way in which to achieve it, in the form of a non-surgical thread lift. In essence, this is a high-quality procedure which looks to tighten the facial skin; it is consistently regarded as one of the most effective treatments available on the market.


For many individuals, dark shadows or ‘bags’ under the eyes simply represent tiredness, and can easily be remedied by getting a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, as you get older, these can become a permanent fixture on your face, which is not a particularly desirable feature. Thankfully, you can remove these using a revolutionary technique known as blepharoplasty. What this does is similar to a chemical peel, in as much as it takes the outer layer of skin off. Subsequently, you can enjoy looking years younger in a hassle-free manner.


Those of you that are in your later years will have likely hated the fact that as the years have ticked by, more-and-more veins have gained prominence across your body. In particular, thread veins are known to make themselves noticeable on your legs, and they can be considered to be a significant blemish. Skin clinics across the country are now able to provide you with a solution to this issue, in the form of sclerotherapy. This is an injection-based treatment, similar to the way in which dermal fillers are administered, and look to improve the structural integrity of your vein walls.


Should you be trying to source a truly revolutionary form of cosmetic enhancement, look no further than DermaFrac. This, in case you were unaware, is a deviation of the classic microneedling treatment which has gained prominence over the years. What allows this procedure to stand out is the way in which it injects a serum deep into the skin, which helps to achieve long-lasting results. No longer will you be forced to book repeat appointments in quick succession - now, regardless of your skin type, you can achieve the look that you have always dreamt of.

Woodford Medical - Who are we?

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