Sclerotherapy For Leg Veins

Sclerotherapy - a proven and successful way of removing thread veins on your legs by injection.

What causes thread veins?

There are numerous causes of upsetting and unsightly thread veins. They can be genetic – running in families, but can also be caused by prolonged periods of sitting or standing, which can be unavoidable in many workplaces. The condition tends to develop in greater numbers of women than men and hormonal treatments such as HRT and the Pill can play a part, as can pregnancy. Whatever the cause, the condition can be distressing and make sufferers feel highly embarrassed and self-conscious about baring their legs. Here at Woodford Medical we can help with this issue.

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Sclerotherapy for leg vein removal

Sclerotherapy is a tried and tested technique that has been used effectively for many years. It involves the injection of a very small amount of solution into the vessels. This solution acts like an irritant causing the walls of the veins to stick together, empty of blood and ultimately disappear. Sclerotherapy is a proven and successful way of removing thread veins on your legs – quickly and efficiently and without the need for surgery. As the needles used are very fine, there is little discomfort whilst undergoing this treatment. Injected blood vessels temporarily look worse and bruised but gradually fade away after 6-8 weeks. The winter months are the ideal time to undergo this procedure.

Where is sclerotherapy treatment available?

Sclerotherapy For Leg Vein clinics in Essex, Cambridge, London, Belfast and Leamington Spa.


I have been coming to Woodford Medical for many years now and I am always delighted with my Sclerotherapy treatments. The staff are fantastic and offer me excellent advice and are always very welcoming, thoughtful, caring and friendly. I love the place!

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