Thread Lifts

PDO Non-Surgical Thread Lifts - lift and tighten facial skin without the need for surgery.

The combination of ageing and the pull of gravity can leave some of us with slack and sagging skin – drooping brows, jowls and double chins. Not only does this treatment successfully alleviate all these issues – it if often used as a cheaper non-invasive alternative to a face lift especially when clients feel overwhelmed by the cost and the thought of going under the knife. PDO Non Surgical Thread Lifts can bestow the same life changing benefits as a face-lift but without the need for massive financial outlay, general anaesthetic and surgery. If your facial skin is sagging and you aspire to a tighter, lifted, more youthful look then this treatment may be ideal for you.

What are the benefits of PDO Thread Lift treatments?

Thread lifts are extremely versatile and can be used on any part of the face or neck to do the following:

  • Sculpt, sharpen and define the jaw line
  • Lift and tighten double chin – effectively eradicating it
  • Tighten and refine the jowl area – erasing jowls
  • Augment sagging brows for a fresher open-eyed look
  • Restore cheek volume and height – giving you those plump cheeks and high cheekbones you’ve always longed for
  • Improve nasolabial folds (nose to mouth lines) and marionette creases (corner of mouth to chin lines)
  • Tighten lower eye bag area

What happens during PDO Thread Lift treatmenst?

A highly qualified and experienced doctor will use a fine micro-needle or cannula to introduce threads under the skin. You will observe an immediate improvement in your appearance but the full effects will take weeks and months to appear. What will happen is that the PDO will stimulate neocollagenesis and increase the amount of collagen in the skin. The skin’s texture will radically improve – becoming thicker, tighter and firmer as fine lines and wrinkles are reduced.

What results can I expect from PDO Thread Lift Treatments?

You can expect to see a difference immediately from a thread lift – a natural looking improvement in the appearance of the skin. There will subsequently be a process of natural protein synthesis that then begins after about 10-14 days. Over the following weeks results will continue to improve, peaking at around six months and lasting for up to 18 months, as the body produces collagen elastin and hyaluronic acid to replenish the skin. Ultimately this is a non-surgical facelift which is long lasting and efficacious. You will be delighted with the results.

The thread that is used is completely biodegradable and dissolves after around six months. After this new collagen has formed around the thread and continues to support visible results – skin looks smooth and supple, firm and plump.

Dr Mervyn Patterson performs this treatment and has a specialist interest in this area, having previously trained in the UK and Korea under some of the world’s leading PDO Thread Lift Doctors.

Dr Patterson provides a thorough consultation with costs before undergoing treatment.

Where are PDO Thread Lift treatments available?

PDO Non-Surgical Thread Lift clinics in Essex, London, Belfast and Leamington Spa

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