Unwanted Body Hair

Are you fed up of waxing, shaving and plucking to keep your skin smooth and hair-free? Our Laser/IPL hair removal treatment provides fast and efficient long term hair reduction.

Unwanted Body Hair Quick Facts

92 percent of the same group remove hair from their legs

95 percent of women ages 16 to 24 remove underarm hair

In the US in 1997 the first laser for permanent hair reduction was approved

By 1999 Laser hair removal was the third most popular cosmetic procedure in the US

Unwanted hair removal might be perceived as a present-day issue for women but it can be dated back as far as 30,000 B.C. where sharp shells and shark teeth were discovered to have been used to remove hair. Indeed, by the Renaissance period in the 15th century hairless bodies were seen as a sign of class and breeding so goddesses and beautiful women were always depicted as hairless by artists and sculptors.

Moving on another six centuries and most women are still battling to remove unwanted hair from the face and body although recently there is an increasing trend to go “natural”. However, for various reasons from hygiene to fashion the majority of females still prefer to reduce or remove an amount of hair on their face and bodies.

For some unwanted facial hair can be ugly and embarrassing and can sprout on the chin, upper lip, and the sides of cheeks. Apart from the usual underarms, legs and bikini areas for others unwanted hair can be present on the abdomen, nipples, and lower back.

The good news is that hair removal methods have developed in leaps and bounds and now a variety of hair removal options are available both at home and in-clinic. The obvious benefit of an in-clinic treatment is that lasers are more powerful, results more consistent and difficult areas to reach more achievable and so becomes the choice of preference for the majority of women. There are various hair removal methods available depending on the location and colour of the hair so no woman needs suffer the misery of unwanted or embarrassing hair. It’s also worth mentioning that 53% of men now undergo some sort of hair removal treatment from numerous parts of their body.


My confidence has been restored since my problem with facial hair has been resolved – I can’t believe that I put up with it for so many years before finally finding your clinic to sort it out.



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