Laser/IPL Hair Removal

Laser/IPL Hair Removal - provides long term hair reduction to give you smooth and silky skin on all parts of your face and body.

Laser or IPL Hair Removal is perhaps the best investment you will ever make in your beauty routine. You can save yourself a lot of money in the long term. No more hassle from razors, stubble, ingrown hairs or expensive and painful waxing: just ultra smooth and silky face and body.

Laser Hair Removal

Precise, effective, powerful and swift permanent hair reduction comes courtesy of the Vectus Laser. A dedicated solution for high-volume, large area hair removal, this laser uses optimised technology and the results are impressive: fast uniform permanent hair reduction for the widest range of skin and hair types – without sacrificing comfort.

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What sets this treatment apart?

Vectus Laser is special because it adapts to your individual skin tone and hair colour. It has the only FDA approved Melanin Reader on the market allowing the system to customize the treatment to the majority of skin tones and hair colours. The benefit of this is that it ensures complete safety and a targeted treatment as well as hair removal tailored to fit your skin type and tone.

How long will the treatment take?

The Vectus Laser has a larger spot size enabling it to cover larger surface areas of skin quickly, precisely and efficiently. Thus it is ideal for very large body areas such as chests, backs and legs, which can be treated much faster than many other systems.

Where is this treatment available?

The Vectus Laser Hair removal is available at our Danbury, Essex Clinic only.

IPL Hair Removal

Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL is one of our most popular hair removal methods, providing long-term hair reduction and resulting in smooth and silky skin on all parts of the body. It is suitable for very small specific areas such as chin, upper lip and cheeks and also larger expanses of hair such as arms, legs underarms and back. It is also recommended for sensitive areas such as ears, nose, chest and bikini line.

How does it work?

Highly controlled pulses of light are transmitted through a cooled sapphire glass prism onto the skin. These pulses target the hair follicles, which are then destroyed – although dormant follicles will require further sessions. A large area can be treated with just a single pulse rendering hundreds of hair follicles immediately useless and unable to grow. The treatment is extremely efficient and effective. Treatments need to be performed on UNTANNED skin and at six to ten weekly intervals to reduce the hair growth by around 85%.

Where is this treatment available?

Please note – all clients wishing to have Laser or IPL hair removal treatment will be required to come in for a TEST PATCH one week prior to the procedure.


My confidence has been restored since my problem with facial hair has been resolved – I can’t believe that I put up with it for so many years before finally finding your clinic to sort it out.

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