Leg Veins

Do you dread revealing your legs? Are you constantly trying to cover your legs up and fear the warmer weather? Try our injection treatment to dramatically improve spider veins

Leg Veins Quick Facts

Can be caused by prolonged periods of sitting or standing

Affects women more than men

Pregnant women are more susceptible

Risk is increased with age due to wear and tear on vein valves

Spider veins and varicose veins are both unsightly and can occur anywhere on the upper and lower legs. Varicose veins are twisted, enlarged veins and can cause considerable discomfort when standing for a long period of time. Spider veins however are much more superficial and are often red or blue in colour. They vary in size and often look like a spider's web so hence their name.

There are many different causes for spider veins. As more women than men develop this condition, hormonal treatments such as the pill and HRT are likely to play a part, as does pregnancy. Another cause can be weak or damaged valves due to wear and tear which is why those over 50 are more at risk. Another common cause of spider veins is standing so occupations such as hairdressers, retail workers and roles within hospitality are much more susceptible to the condition.

Although generally harmless, spider veins can cause minor discomfort but do look unsightly and unattractive so much so that people don’t expose their legs to save embarrassment. However, there is a tried and tested treatment available that can help improve the appearance of spider veins or remove them altogether.


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