Cellulite And Excess Body Fat

Do you have concerns about stubborn areas of fat that can't be improved by diet and exercise? Are you worried about sagging skin? If so these non-surgical procedures could be the answer for you.

Cellulite And Excess Body Fat Quick Facts

80% of women will experience cellulite at some stage.

Cellulite can affect thin as well as overweight people.

Dieting alone doesn’t reduce the number of fat cells in your body.

The average person gains one pound for every year over the age of 25.

Cellulite is the bane of many women’s lives and will affect between 80% - 90% of them at some stage during their lives. It is far more likely to affect women than men and this is because in women the fat cells and their connective tissue is arranged vertically but in men it has a criss-cross structure. The female vertical tissue arrangement allows fat cells to protrude into the layer of skin giving the dimpled and depressed appearance known as cellulite. It can occur on most areas of the body but is most apparent on the thighs, bottom and stomach. There are other reasons for appearance of cellulite such as age and hormonal changes. As we age and oestrogen depletes, the blood flow to the connective tissue decreases which then lowers collagen production. The lower oestrogen levels lead to enlarged fat cell and weakened connective tissue making fat more visible and skin more sagging.

Poor diet, lack of exercise and smoking are also contributory factors although cellulite can affect thin people as well as those who are overweight.

Although the body requires a certain level of fat for various metabolic and structural functions, excess body fat is deemed unwanted and unhealthy for good reason. It can lead to many health issues including heart disease and arthritis. However, weight loss and body fat loss are two completely different concepts and a muscular physique can weigh heavier than a moderately fat one, so a good diet and exercise regime targeting fat loss is a far healthier option than pure weight loss.

Even the most diligent of athletes can be left with areas of their bodies that have stubborn pockets of fat that are totally unresponsive to healthy diet and exercise as well as the “orange peel” effect of cellulite. We have a range of treatments that can help deal with these irritating issues.


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