Fat Dissolving Injections

Fat Dissolving Injections - reduce fat in the chin.

In our image conscious society, achieving a slim, toned body has become the holy grail of health and beauty. Many people (women and men) are plagued with stubborn areas of adipose tissue (fat deposits) that even zealous and targeted diet and exercise cannot shift. Getting rid of fat is often an issue that dieters and exercisers despair about. Here at Woodford Medical we are able to help.

Aqualyx® - Fat Dissolving treatment

Our nurse prescribers offer a brand-new fat dissolving treatment called Aqualyx®. A safe and effective injectable fat loss treatment designed to remove small pockets of stubborn fat. Our stubborn fat areas can be difficult to get rid of naturally, as fat cells cannot be altered or diminished once they are stored within fatty tissue. Aqualyx® is able to dissolve these fat cells through a process called ‘cavitational adipocytolysis’. The gel-based solution is injected into areas of unwanted fat and works by disrupting the surface of the fat cells, causing them to weaken and become permeable.

Areas suitable areas for Fat Dissolving treatment

Aqualyx® is used to treat unwanted fat under the chin.

How many Fat Dissolving treatments will I need?

For best results you will need two treatments eight weeks apart.

Where is the Fat Dissolving treatment available?

Aqualyx® is available in our Cambridge,Danbury, Leamington Spa and Belfast clinics.

Lipodissolve Fat Dissolving treatment

Lipotherapy, using small injections of a drug called Phosphatidylcholine, has now become a popular and highly effective method for reducing fat in areas such as the thighs, abdomen, buttocks, love handles and arms. Again it can also be used for facial contouring and sculpting in areas where there is unwanted fat such as under the chin and the jawline.

Please note at Woodford Medical we only offer this treatment for the chin area.

What is in the Fat Dissolving injections?

Phosphatidylcholine is a natural bi-product derived from the Soya bean. Taken orally, in tablet form, it enhances the body’s ability to reduce unwanted fat levels and to slim down. Further research has seen the intravenous mode used as a way of treating fat deposits within the vascular system. Clinical trials as far back as 1996 showed that these injections placed under the skin had a dissolving effect on fat, helping expunge adipose tissue. The use of lipotherapy (for the removal of fat) has been adopted widely throughout Europe with much of the lead research and clinical trials being conducted in Germany. The overwhelming conclusion of this work is that the treatment is safe, effective and permanent.

What are the benefits of Fat Dissolving treatments?

When injected just under the skin into fat deposits this is a highly effective, proven and tested non-surgical treatment for fat reduction in targeted areas that are resistant to weight loss or exercise.

Where is this Fat Dissolving treatment available?

Fat Dissolving Injections clinics in Essex, London, Belfast and Leamington Spa clinics.


Very happy with my treatment at Woodford Medical! I’ve recently had fat dissolving injections into my chin and jawline and couldn’t be happier! Nurse Oona is extremely professional, friendly and understanding - taking the time to listen to my needs and advise me before I committed to the treatment! All the staff I have encountered so far have also been friendly and welcoming, making me feel at ease straight away. I couldn’t recommend Woodford Medical enough and would definitely return for any future treatments!

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