Epionce Normal Skin Basics

Epionce Normal Skin Basics

Epionce two dot system


Normal skin is generally characterised as being balanced in hydration, blemish free, easy to maintain and not prone to chronic skin issues. However, in this category you may experience some occasional skin concerns such as excess shine in the T-zone, breakouts due to stress or hormones, or dry patches on the face and body. None of these are typically severe and with some slight adjustments to a regime, you can see fast improvements. In general, a low maintenance daily skin care routine will help you achieve healthy, beautiful skin. Additionally, you can benefit from adding supplemental products to address specific skin concerns and prevent premature skin ageing.

Normal/Combination Skin Characteristics

• Skin maintains balanced hydration levels, even after cleansing

• Occasional breakouts due to stress or hormones

• May appear shiny around the T-zone in late afternoon

• Not overly sensitive to products or ingredients

• Pores are small to medium in visibility

Normal Skin Basics

Epionce Normal skin

Normal skin is maintained with a basic but comprehensive two dot daily skin care regime.

Cleanse + Prepare
Gentle Foaming Cleanser is a lightly foaming cleanser that breaks up dirt, oil and makeup without disrupting skin's pH.

Correct + Boost
Lytic Tx clears congestion of pores by preventing 4 acne-causing microbes that trigger blemishes, and encourages shedding of dead skin cells.
• Clinically proven superior to benzoyl peroxide in the reduction of acne breakouts —
without causing irritation.

Renew + Fortify
Renewal Facial Lotion is a lighter emolliency lotion containing the proper balance of lipids necessary for healthy skin
Epionce barrier repair and anti-inflammatory technology repairs the skin barrier and calms chronic inflammation.

Protect + Prevent
Daily Shield Tinted SPF 50 and Ultra Shield SPF 50 broad-spectrum sunscreens are essential to preventing premature signs of ageing and skin cancer associated with UV exposure.

Enhancing Results

We would suggest a course of Epionce peel treatments to complement your daily skin care regime. Epionce peels quickly enhance radiance, reduce the occurrence of breakouts and diminish irregular pigmentation — all with minimal to no downtime.

∙ Epionce sal-e and mal-e are medical strength peels to achieve maximum cell turn over to unclog sebum in the pores, stimulate collagen and enhance radiance

∙ Epionce Lite Peel: Refresh is a "lunch- time" peel to gently relieve congestion and rejuvenate skin with very little downtime

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