Wedding Bells for Wedding Belles Part One

Winter and Spring weddings have increased in popularity in the last few years as couples are stretching their imaginations beyond the traditional summer period. With that in mind our professionals at Woodford Medical are currently asked for their advice on how best to prepare for the big event with treatments and skin care. Brides are more savvy now and know that to feel gorgeous for their special day they need to seek more appropriate advice than the local beauty counter in the high street department store.


It is essential that the ‘bride to be’ gets professional advice from a good skin therapist or aesthetic professional. With an ever-increasing array of skincare and in-house treatments, the consumer has to weigh up carefully what are the best options. Embarking on a brand-new skincare routine with just a few weeks to go before the big day or trying out the latest amazing facial may not be ideal wedding planning. With 10% of the female population saying they have reacted to a skincare product in the last 12 months, the risk of trying something new, on a whim, probably isn’t worth it.

Our three-part blog on wedding beauty preparations should hopefully go a long way to help any blushing bride look and feel her very best.

Part One

Blemishes - for brides who suffer breakouts, what would the best at home and professional treatment be?

Epionce Acne Products

Controlling blemishes and outbreaks starts with a good skincare routine so look for cleansers that contain salicylic acid such as the new Epionce Purifying Wash. This latest innovation from Epionce is a powerful acne-fighting cleanser with therapeutic botanicals and salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid and it helps to clear the pores, reduce inflammation and has an antibacterial effect. For on the spot treatment for acne the Purifying Spot Gel from Epionce will effectively target stubborn acne blemishes anywhere on the face or body making it a powerful duo when used in conjunction with the Purifying Wash. It isn’t always about using high strength ingredients, because too much salicylic acid in poorly formulated washes can be drying so be careful to avoid products that leave the skin feeling irritated or too tight. Something that Epionce products are keen to address.


Microdermabrasion remains one of the most effective acne prevention treatments as it helps remove congestion and debris blocking the pore. This in turn reduces the chance of the pore becoming blocked and progressing into a full-blown spot. Sometimes referred to ‘skin polishing’ it helps remove superficial damaged cells and gives a brighter smoother look, allowing makeup to sit more smoothly. A word of caution, be careful to not overdo the microdermabrasion as this can render the skin sensitive and dry. Opt for mild treatments with short courses that are never more frequent than once a month. Combining this treatment with a mild skin peel such as the Epionce Lite Refresh peel is also extremely beneficial as the results of the combination will be better than either a harsh microdermabrasion or peel done separately. The advice of an experienced therapist is important as oily skin responds best and some of the more sensitive skin types are best to avoid microdermabrasion completely.

Why not book in with one of our highly trained aesthetic therapists for a consultation to tackle your unwanted blemishes.