The New Superhero Combination from Epionce

The New Superhero Combination From Epionce

Super Hero Duo


Introducing a new pairing from Epionce of the Intense Defense Serum with a Renewal Facial Lotion or Renewal Facial Cream to super-charge the delivery of anti-ageing results. Intense Defense Serum is a clinically proven botanical multi-vitamin serum which provides high concentrations of essential ingredients that nourish targeted skin cells to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone.

  • 50% improvement in fine lines and wrinkles in week 1
  • 39.3% improvement of skin texture at week 4
  • 25% improvement in pore size at week 8
  • 36% reduction in uneven skin colour at week 8
  • 50% reduction in white heads at week 8

All these benefits were achieved with no inflammatory response on the skin whilst the rival products had less effect but caused marked irritation and photo sensitivity.

In case you are not familiar with all the benefits of Intense Defense Serum here are just a few of them:

  • Clinically proven superior anti-ageing results.
  • Increases optimum skin function and health
  • Provides comprehensive cell nutrition to the skin without irritation
  • Hydrating formulation fit for all skin types
  • Does not cause photo sensitivity so can be used all year round.
  • When combined with Renewal Facial products boosts anti-ageing and barrier repair benefits

Which brings into focus the range of Renewal products – the flagship of Epionce.

More than just a cosmetic cream, Renewal facial products are powerful multi-tasking treatment moisturisers. They are key to repairing the skin barrier as well as blocking damaging inflammation caused by free radicals and pollutants, thereby slowing skin ageing and providing skin with the right amount of hydration it needs for optimal skin health.

The key benefits of the Renewal products:

  • Target fine lines and wrinkles
  • Stop inflammation and repair damage to the skin barrier
  • Stimulate collagen and boost elastin production
  • Reduce redness
  • Improve skin tone
  • Provide a youthful, healthy glow

All Renewal Products are non-comedogenic (does not block pores), paraben-free and fragrance-free and are derived from natural botanical ingredients.

The key differences between the two Super Hero products are that the Renewal facial products combine powerful proprietary Epionce barrier repair and anti-inflammatory benefits whereas Intense Defense Serum is more of a supplement. It is nutrient rich and adds different anti-inflammatory benefits than the Renewal Facial products.

We currently have a promotion running until the end of February 2022 giving 20% off when you purchase the Intense Defense Serum with any Renewal Facial Product.

So, if you want take your skincare routine to the next level why not consult with one of our own “Superheroes” and book your appointment for an in-depth skin analysis with our Aesthetic Therapists using the Visia thermal imaging machine to determine the best regime for you. Alternatively, you can purchase this wonder duo from your nearest clinic.

We currently have a promotion running until the end of February 2022 giving 20% off when you purchase the Intense Defense Serum with any Renewal Facial Product.

Epionce IDS

By combining these two products into your skin care routine the superior anti-ageing duo will:

  • Supercharge anti-ageing results without irritation or visible redness.
  • Supplement skin cell nutrition with Intense Defense Serum whilst suppressing inflammation and repairing the barrier with an Epionce Renewal Facial product.
  • Be suitable for all skin types as they are both derived from a botanically based formula

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