BBL Laser Treatment For Rosacea

Broad Band Light BBL Treatment for Rosacea

Charlie Haxell, one of our loyal clients, wanted to share her journey of BBL (Broad Band Light) treatments to resolve her long-standing struggle with Rosacea.

Charlie is 34 years old and is a busy mother of two children. Being an avid horse lover, she spends a great deal of time outside during her spare time.

She has suffered from sensitive skin for most of her life, first flaring up when she was only in her teens. The sensitive skin progressed into a painful condition called Rosacea resulting in sore and burning red cheeks which was exacerbated by being outside in the elements as well as spicy foods and alcohol.

Charlie tried using many different creams which promised to resolve the problem but none made any difference.

Before any treatment commenced at Woodford Medical, Charlie had a Visia imaging scan to ascertain the overall condition of the skin, both visible and waiting to emerge in the future. One of our Doctors assessed Charlie’s Visia scan results which highlighted large areas of broken capillaries and reddened skin after which a course of BBL was recommended.

Broad Band Light or BBL® as it is more commonly known, is the latest innovation from Sciton, the US laser giants whose physicist gurus invented this truly remarkable laser which promises to transform blemished skin at a remarkable speed.

A handpiece delivers high intensity pulses of light into the skin. The relevant filters, energy levels and cooling settings were selected for Charlie’s individual skin. The light simultaneously targets and clears skin issues such as redness, sun damage, pigmentation and uneven skin tone as well as tackling Rosacea.

Following BBL (Broad Band Light) treatment at Woodford Medical with the team of aesthetic therapists there has been a drastic reduction in redness and sensitivity and her cheeks are no longer sore. Charlie had 3 sessions of BBL with each treatment session giving progressive results.

Now finally Charlie has achieved the soft, smooth clear skin that she has always longed for.

‘Following my BBL treatment, the biggest difference to me has been that my cheeks are no longer sore, something I’ve put up with for years. I’ve also had lots of comments from friends about how good my skin is looking. I can’t recommend the team at Woodford enough, the results are even better than I’d hoped for.’

Charlie Haxell Before and After BBL

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