Our Guide To Treating Unwanted Pigmentation


Our approach to treating skin pigmentation is to firstly establish a skincare regime that will optimise skin health. Epionce Renewals repair the skin barrier and dampen all pathways of chronic inflammation. Repairing the skin's outer defensive shield and switching off the signals that stimulate the melanocyte cells to produce pigment are both the essential first step and the long term strategy for managing unwanted pigmentation.

What treatment will I need for pigmentation?

Our treatment of choice for sun induced sun spots and mottled pigmentation is a course of Fotofacial. The short pulse of light is absorbed by the cells affected by the pigment which causes the pigment to rise to the surface of the skin and be gradually shed off as the skin turns over. A course of three treatments spaced a month apart are required to get best results.

What happens after I have my treatment course?

Once the IPL course has been completed we introduce pigmentation suppression in the form of Epionce Melanolyte Tx Lotion and Pigment Perfecting Serum. These two products have been formulated with a wide array of botanical ingredients that suppress sixteen of the seventeen steps in the production of melanin. Independent clinical trials show this strategy to be superior to the use of prescription retinoids or hydroquinone. Not only is the Epionce regime effective but importantly it avoids the irritation and the rebound of pigmentation when the prescriptive products are withdrawn. The Epionce line is well tolerated and safe for longterm use, something that is important if one is to control the recurrence of pigment.

What can I do to prevent further pigmentation?

Adopting steps that reduce direct UV exposure such as wearing a hat are important. Use of high factor sunscreen in the form of Epionce SPF 50 and mineral makeup Colorescience Sunforgettable SPF50 help to reduce as much as possible further triggering of melanocyte activity.

The Results

A lady's face before pigmentation treatment
A lady's face ftera pigmentation treatment

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