Non-Surgical Nose Job


This is Amy, a stunningly beautiful, warm and bubbly person who has never had any Botox or dermal filler injections or indeed any injectable procedures done before but the bump on her nose has severely dented her confidence for many years. Over the years we have learned that what others may perceive as the tiniest, almost imperceptible imperfection can be a huge issue, and the improvement or softening of that imperfection can result in such a confidence boost.

Amy was walking on air when she left the Woodford Medical Belfast clinic.

It might seem an obvious statement but the nose is central to the face and any abnormality of the shape or size can really impact a person’s confidence. Although surgical procedures are an option, they are expensive, need a lengthy period of recovery and once performed cannot be adjusted.

Non surgical nose procedures involve dermal filler injections made from hyaluronic gel being injected into the skin to alter the shape and profile of the nose. Dermal filler can be used to hide a prominent hump by injecting the hyaluronic gel above and below the raised area. The person with a depressed or wide nasal tip can also be helped by carefully placed dermal filler injections to create a more even shape. Even a broad or misshaped nose can be corrected by subtle injections to realign the shape.

A word of caution. Although non surgical nose jobs don’t involve surgery, that doesn’t mean that they are risk free. These types of procedures should be only carried out by skilled experienced medical practitioners in properly approved medical clinics. There are some extremely important vascular areas in the nose area and lack of medical knowledge whilst performing injections in this area can have disastrous consequences.

Here at Woodford Medical we have some of the country’s most experienced dermal filler and Botox injectors using only the highest quality products to ensure the best possible results.

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