My Experience With Botox For Bruxism

12/5/14 Bruxism is a medical term that describes the act of grinding the teeth and clenching the jaw. Regular and persistent grinding of the teeth can result in an ache in the jaw, headaches, earache and can also contribute to the wearing down and breaking of the teeth.

John from Westcliff, Essex has now had three treatments of Botox Injections for Teeth Grinding, and tells us here why he decided to try this procedure and how successful it has been for him:

I have been trying to stop grinding my teeth for years, it is something I have done since I was a child and I was determined to kick the habit.

At first I tried to tackle the psychological side of the repetitive habit with Hypnosis – this turned out to be a very expensive mistake and still I continued to grind my teeth whilst asleep and occasionally when feeling stressed or under pressure during the day.

I went to see my Dentist who recommended I try wearing a specialised Mouth Guard, which didn’t work, followed by Mouth Splints which were unsuccessful also. I had heard about Botox as a treatment by this time and did mention this several times as an option I was very keen to try but my Dentist was not interested in this and tried to dissuade me against it which I found very odd. It seemed that all of their methods of treatment for my problem were quite old fashioned and hadn’t changed since I was a child!

I decided to research Botox Injections for Bruxism a little further and came across an article about the procedure online. It seemed that it had worked for many people and was a reasonable price, especially compared to the limited alternative options.

I came across Dr Patterson at Woodford Medical Essex and it seemed he was one of the best at this treatment and specialised in this condition so I booked a consultation and went onto have my first treatment.

It was such an easy process – Dr Patterson explained the treatment thoroughly and then administered the painless injections. I experienced no problems and found that this was actually working for me! I am now on my third treatment and it is fantastic – such an easy method of treating this problem that has plagued me for years!

I would definitely recommend Botox for Teeth Grinding in Essex with Dr Patterson to anyone, and have already put another family member who suffers in touch with Dr Patterson to help her too.

If you suffer from Bruxism and would like a consultation to discuss Botox in Essex as a treatment option for you please contact us.