June is Acne Awareness month - read how to combat this distressing condition

Acne Awareness Month

June is Acne Awareness Month, a time dedicated to shedding light on this common skin condition that, according to the NHS, affects 95% of people at some point in their lives. While most prevalent among teenagers, acne can also persist into adulthood. At Woodford Medical, we specialise in treating adult acne, which can significantly impact emotional well-being and leave lasting scars both mentally and physically. Early treatment can help minimise these issues and reduce the risk of long-term problems


Understanding Acne

Acne develops due to various factors including hormonal changes, certain medications, genetics, diet and stress. Though it predominantly appears on the face, acne can also affect the chest, upper back, and shoulders.

Effective Acne Treatments

The severity of acne determines the treatment approach. Establishing a consistent skincare routine with effective products is crucial. Our Vital Assist line offers solutions to combat blemishes, bacteria, breakouts and repair the skin barrier.

Daily Probiotic Cleanser

A gentle, pH-neutral cleanser that removes makeup and impurities without stripping natural oils. It boosts skin defensins and acts as an antimicrobial agent.

Complex C Serum

A potent antioxidant formula that brightens, evens out skin tone, and protects against free radical damage while suppressing pigmentation.

Vital Assist Skin Care

Daily Essential Hydrator

Packed with essential vitamins, it maintains moisture levels and includes lipids for barrier repair.

Vitamin Repair Serum

Enriched with multi-vitamins, it repairs, nourishes, and restores dull skin, supports cellular regeneration, and repairs the skin barrier—perfect for blemished skin.

Cellular Renewal Cream

Utilises retinoids and cutting-edge peptides to increase skin thickness and collagen production while firming and smoothing the skin.

Advanced Acne Treatments

In addition to Vital Assist skincare, we offer two specialised treatments:

IPL using BBL Technology


Broad Band Light treatment combats acne in multiple stages. The first stage eliminates acne-causing bacteria. The second stage reduces redness and hyperpigmentation. The final stage promotes healing while restoring radiance and brightness to the skin

JetPeel Treatment

The JetPeel provides a comprehensive approach to managing acne by cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating, and delivering targeted active ingredients, resulting in clearer, healthier, more radiant skin.

Join us this Acne Awareness Month in raising awareness and taking proactive steps towards achieving clearer, healthier skin. For more information and personalised treatment plans, visit Woodford Medical today.

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