BBL Laser Treatment Unveiled

BBL Laser Treatment Unveiled - Incredible results from our client Judith

BBL Laser Pigmentation Before at Woodford Medical
BBL Laser Pigmentation Post Treatment Side Effects
BBL Laser Pigmentation Recovery at Woodford Medical
BBL Laser Pigmentation 7 Days Post Treatment at Woodford Medical

Just a few months since its debut to our Essex, Cambridge and Belfast clinics BBL/Moxi Laser has been delivering some remarkable results and this has ignited enthusiasm among our clients, prompting them to share their transformative experiences.

Broadband Light and Moxi laser are a non-invasive powerhouse redefining skin rejuvenation. Addressing a range of skin concerns, from sun damage and pigmentation to acne and rosacea, it's evident that this treatment is not just a cosmetic innovation but a life-changing experience for some.

We are very thankful to Judith for sharing her journey with BBL laser in her pursuit of tackling stubborn sun damage, particularly on her cheeks, that she has been trying to get rid of for a few years.

“I had a great deal of historic sun damage after a childhood spent on the local beach in the pre-sunscreen era. I found it very difficult to adequately cover all the damage as I have very oily skin and no matter what I tried to cover it with, the foundation and concealer wouldn’t stay on well. I tried all sorts of supposed treatments including prescription strength retinoids which made no difference at all, despite using for 3 months.

My local beauty salon kindly suggested I consult the Woodford Medical Clinic where I saw Kerys who assured me BBL laser could definitely help and she was very kind and informative in explaining what to expect, if I decided to go ahead.

I did and I was delighted at the wonderful results after just two treatments."

"My complexion in general looks so much better. I feel liberated!"

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Before BBL Laser Treatment
After BBL Laser Treatment

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