A patient journey with Broad Band Light BBL Moxi Laser

Marie Adams BBL/Moxi
Marie -Before BBL/Moxi Laser.....Immediately post treatment..... After 2 sessions of BBL/Moxi

Marie Adams is a long-standing client of Woodford Medical and has been having Juvéderm dermal fillers and Botox for over 8 years.

At 45 years old she looks terrific and certainly belies her age, but sun-worshipper Marie is always looking at ways to improve the texture and tone of her skin, as well as tackling the UV damage and redness which Botox and fillers can’t really address.

When the new BBL Hero (Broad Band Light) and Moxi Laser arrived at Woodford in June she was really keen to try it out to see if the large noticeable sun spots on her cheeks and open pores could be improved. Having had two treatments Marie is absolutely delighted with the results and wanted to share her thoughts on the treatment itself and how it has improved her skin.

We caught up with Marie and put some questions to her about the treatment.

Why did you want to try the new BBL/Moxi Laser?

I had seen some information about the treatment when I came to the clinic and asked my doctor at Woodford Medical if this would be good for me. I was told this would really help with my skin problems that were increasingly annoying me.

What were you hoping to improve by having the BBL/Moxi Laser

I hated the brown spots on my face which were caused by sunbathing and not wearing enough sun cream. I also really didn’t like the large pores and general look of my skin texture.

What was the improvement you experienced with the BBL/Moxi Laser? Did it achieve what you wanted it to?

My skin is so much clearer and fresher looking now that the brown spots are gone. The pore size is 100% better. The treatment was amazing and like magic gave me new skin.

What did the BBL/Moxi Laser feel like when you were having it?

The treatment felt like a sudden flick but not painful. There was quite a bit of warmth but again not uncomfortable.

How was your skin immediately after BBL/Moxi Laser?

My skin was a little red immediately afterwards but soon faded to pink which lasted for a few days.

Would you recommend BBL/Moxi Laser to a friend who wanted to improve her skin?

Yes, I would highly recommend this treatment if you are self-conscious of your skin condition and want to improve sun damaged areas, redness and pore size. It’s easier than trying to cover your problems with make-up. Personally, I don’t think you can go wrong.

If you would like to follow in Marie’s footsteps to banish sunspots, pigmentation and redness whilst totally rejuvenating your skin then book in for a consultation for BBL/Moxi Laser with one of our Aesthetic Therapists who will tailor a bespoke treatment regime for you.

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