How To Improve Signs Of Ageing With Cosmetic Procedures

As the years roll on, there is nothing wrong with looking back at old photographs and wishing that you could recapture your youthfulness - it is something which happens to everyone. In times gone by, there was nothing that could be done regarding one's appearance; those who grew older were simply condemned to their appearance deteriorating. This, however, is not the case in the twenty-first century. With extensive research having been conducted, clinics such as ours here at Woodford Clinic are able to help you turn back time - you can learn about how we do this by reading our thoughts below.

Skin Tightening

Most people accept that as the years roll on, it is likely that their skin will begin to lose some of its characteristic elasticity. This is primarily due to the fact that the body’s production of collagen will have started to slow down. Thankfully, the fix for this is extremely simple - you simply need to undergo radio frequency skin tightening, at the hands of a highly-qualified clinician. If you were previously unaware, this is a state-of-the-art cosmetic treatment which aims to revitalise your skin via the stimulation of fresh collagen production. This procedure can be used in a number of areas; however, the cheeks and jawline are those most frequently targeted.

Facial Fillers

For those of you that are relatively ignorant regarding the world of cosmetic enhancement, it is important that you recognise just how far these types of procedures have come since the turn of the millennium. A prime example of this is the fact that we are now able to utilise hyaluronic acid in facial fillers - this is a substance which naturally occurs within the skin. Its properties are to ensure that the skin is smooth and supporting, but to name a few. Therefore, if you are trying to find a wrinkle treatment which is right for you, we suggest taking a closer look at this.

Laser Resurfacing

If you are someone that is searching for a procedure which uses top-of-the-range equipment to achieve first-class results, it could be that laser skin resurfacing is what you have been searching for. Offered only by experienced doctors that have been highly-trained in the field, this is an innovative treatment which can truly help you to relive your glory days. In essence, the heat that the laser produces assists in creating fresh batches of collagen, which subsequently help to inject life back into the skin.


When it comes to anti-ageing injectable treatments, this is often considered to be the quintessential aesthetic enhancement procedure. Having been around for countless years, Botox injections’ fantastic results in eradicating lines and wrinkles cannot be disputed. Contrary to popular relief, this is not something that will leave you with a frozen expression; the facial muscles are still perfectly capable of moving. Instead, it simply targets things such as frown lines, and smoothens them out. If you are searching for a way in which to rejuvenate your overall appearance, this is the option for you.

How can Woodford Medical help you?

Should you be trying to find a Botox clinic in London which is also able to offer such services as dermal fillers, you need look no further than Woodford Medical. With a catalogue of procedures which is excessive to say the least, you can be sure that our team will do all that they can to ensure that you are able to reap top-tier results. Due to the niche industry that we operate in, we recognise that you may have some queries that you would like to address with a member of our team. If this is the case, we invite you to take a look at our website’s contact page, and subsequently choose your preferred method from those listed.