Wedding Season 2015 continued

Wedding Bells

Lauren and Sharon


Sharon has just returned from Lauren's surprise Hen do in Oxford, where Lauren's friends hired a barn for everyone to stay and they did fun activities such as quad biking and buggy driving. Now with just six weeks to go until the big day we have caught up with Sharon on her Mother of the Bride preparations.

As my daughter Lauren's big day approaches the excitement in our family is steadily mounting. Aside from all the preparation Lauren has been doing to get herself and her bridesmaids ready, I have begun to make some preparations of my own so that I can look and feel great at Lauren's wedding.

I have had a trial of how my hair is going to look on the day with my fascinator or hat (I know I should have decided on one or the other but I really can't make my mind up on this one). My hair colour is looking good and the cut should fit in perfectly time wise.

Sharon receiving Juvederm Voluma

Now for my body treatments - I am in a figure-hugging dress and although it fits me really well I am always self-critical and would like it to look even better. That is why I decided to have a course of Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Lift-Shape for the body on my stomach and buttocks. The Lift-Shape helps with body contouring and stream lining as well as tightening any small areas of stubborn fat. I am half way through my course and I have already noticed a difference in those areas and my clothes just seem to hang better somehow. I am now sure that I will be able to do justice to the lovely dress that I have chosen and feel more body confident.

When Dr Patterson suggested that I could benefit from a little more facial volume on my cheeks I have to say that I agreed. Because I am lucky enough to be slim it does mean that my face is also on the slim side. Where I once had peachy cheeks, I now have much thinner facial contours and I was keen to restore some youthful volume to my upper facial areas. Dr Patterson decided to use one of the most popular facial fillers that we use at Woodford Medical called Juvederm Voluma. This is made by aesthetic industry leaders Allergan and has a really good safety history so I felt confident in this choice of product. Dr Patterson injected Juvederm Voluma into my cheek area to restore the volume that would have been there up until my early forties. The result is instant and he showed me in the mirror when he had injected one half of my face - there was a definite but subtle lift to my upper face which somehow made me look fresher and wide awake. I love this new me.

Sharon smiling

I have always been an advocate of Botox anti-wrinkle injections and have been having them with Dr Allan for a number of years. Botox is a purified protein and when carefully injected it relaxes the area of injection and smooths away lines and wrinkles. At work it is our most popular procedure and the doctors never tire of easing away our client's unwanted creases. As the effects of Botox last up to four months I had to pick the optimum time to have it done and six weeks before the wedding is excellent timing. I normally have injections in my forehead, frown lines and a few sprinkles around my eyes to erase those little 'sunray' lines. Again the look is very subtle and just makes me look relaxed and well rested - almost as though I had been away on holiday even when I haven't. Unlike the Juvederm facial fillers, Botox is not instant - it takes between 4 - 14 days to take full effect but when it does, I know as usual I will love it.

We would like to wish Sharon and her daughter Lauren lots of luck on her wedding day and we look forward to sharing all the photos with you after the big day!

Just to wish Sharon, her daughter Lauren and all the family lots of love on this most special of days - we look forward to hearing all about the wedding day and sharing it with you soon.