Wedding Season 2015

Wedding Bells


Wedding season is in full flow and it has well and truly hit Woodford Medical. Our Marketing Manager Jordanne is getting married on Saturday 29th August 2015 and our Senior Treatment Advisor Sharon will be Mother of the Bride at her daughter's wedding on Saturday 19th September. With this in mind we wanted to share their journey with you leading up to the big day. We will talk you through what skincare regime they are sticking to and what treatments they have had and will be having to prepare them for this wonderful time. Weddings are such special occasions, a day to remember, with photos that will be passed down through generations, so it's no wonder we want to look and feel our best.

Bride To Be


Jordanne has just returned to work from her five day hen do in Menorca, gone are the days of an evening party with a few friends the night before your wedding, now we embark on a full blown holiday. Jordanne has returned from her hen party and with now only two months to go until her wedding the stress is kicking in.

'How are the plans going Jordanne and what do you have left to do?'

"I can't believe I am getting married in 12 weeks. When we got engaged 18 months ago in Paris and booked our wedding date, I knew we had ages so I was very relaxed about it all, but now the hen party is over the day is coming round so fast. We have booked all the important 'big' things such as catering, photographer, videographer, honeymoon, transport etc. so now it's just the small things we need to concentrate on such as favours, seating plans, order of service, readings, hymns ... all the things that you can't really do until nearer the day but they are the most time consuming. I have written a checklist of everything left to do and this will be my most valued accessory leading up to the wedding, I will be taking it with me everywhere!"

Over the next couple of months we will be discussing different treatments that Jordanne will have and has had to ensure she looks and feels her best on her big day. Last year Jordanne suffered a hormonal break out of spots and her skin erupted at the age of 26 (click here for more information on adult acne). Thankfully she asked for help quickly knowing her wedding wasn't too far away and Dr Allan and Dr Patterson started a treatment plan immediately. 15 months on and Jordanne's skin has improved considerably and she now feels confident to wear her hair back and go make-up free to the gym, all things she would hide away from before. We will show you before and after pictures of Jordanne's skin, discuss the treatments she has undergone and is still having and the skincare regime she sticks to everyday which has given her back her confidence and improved her skin.

Mother of the Bride

Sharon and Lauren

We will also be talking to Sharon our Senior Treatment Advisor who is going to be Mother of the Bride at Laurens wedding in September. Sharon takes pride in her appearance and keeps herself fit and slender and so looks 10 years younger than her age of 54. However she feels that when she looks in the mirror she sees the effects of years of sun tanning. She has noticed some pigmentation forming and an increase in superficial facial lines and wrinkles.

"We didn't have the warnings when we were younger on the damage that the sun causes to your skin. Now I know how important it is to look after your skin and always wear SPF. I make sure I tell everyone, especially my children and their friends to ensure they don't have the same problems."

We will document Sharon's treatments in the lead up to her daughter’s wedding and talk you through what she will be having to ensure she looks and feels her best on the big day.