Turning Back The Hands Of Time With Juvederm Voluma

5/2/14 Did you know that one of the most tell-tale signs of ageing on a woman is her hands?

No? Well even our celebrity icons sometimes don’t realise just how ageing hands can look when they suffer the rigours of sun damage.

Whilst we look after our face by using sun protection, enhance with Botox, lasers and fillers, and take care of our body with exercise and diets, we often don’t focus on the most seen and used part of our bodies – the hands!

Here at Woodford Medical Dr Mervyn Patterson has pioneered a complete hand rejuvenation treatment to literally turn back time.

Firstly he uses IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) photo rejuvenation on the back of the hands to remove ugly age spots, reddened areas and encourage new production of collagen to plump up the skin.

Secondly he injects Voluma – the brilliant new dermal filler from Allergan - into the back of the hands to cover unsightly protruding veins and put back a youthful plumpness which in turn reduces the appearance of saggy and loose skin.

Result? Hands that you no longer want to hide behind your back and you will be proud show off this spring.

Juvederm Voluma before and after
Juvederm Voluma before and after