Turn That Frown Upside Down

How to look as happy and relaxed as your feel on your holiday.

A lady squinting

28/5/14 It is not surprising to find out that 45% of us put ourselves on a strict diet and fitness regime as we approach the beginning of summer, ready for our well deserved beach holiday.

What is surprising is that our face is not in this statistic alongside pounding the treadmill and cutting the carbs – more importantly our forehead should be top of the list when it comes to looking fabulous for that important break!

Lyndsey confirms that top of her list for going on holiday is to ensure her Botox is topped up so she can avoid getting unsightly frown lines when squinting against the fierce Mediterranean sunshine!

“I didn’t realise how even just two weeks of frowning in the sun can leave horrid frown lines for when you get home! I now don’t board the plane without making this part of my pre-holiday beauty regime! Dr Allan knows when I book in for my Botox with her in the summer that I must be jetting off somewhere hot!”

Dr Hilary Allan of Woodford Medical confirmed - “Lyndsey is not alone in her concerns about looking good on holiday. You can have a wonderfully toned body and sun-kissed hair but if you end up with deep frown lines between your eyebrows all other efforts could be in vain!”

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