Turmeric - the new super spice?

Epionce MelanoLyte Pigment Perfection Serum


The benefits of the spice Turmeric have been known to a select number of people interested in holistic and herbal remedies for some years, but now doctors and scientists are getting very excited about the results of recent scientific research into the benefits of including this unassuming little root into your daily diet.

Research is on-going but various tests are being performed at Newcastle University, Leeds General Infirmary and University College London into the potential improvement of asthma, eczema, anxiety, depression and even some forms of cancer. It seems that Turmeric (which contains the wonderful compound Curcumin) has an ability to control inflammation and as many common diseases have an inflammatory origin if this can be kept at bay then this would really be an exciting development.

So how can we best use Turmeric? – well tests seem to show that it is best used in powder form and most useful when combined with black pepper (containing the compound Piperine) and cooking oil – both of these ingredients help to effectively carry the Curcumin in the Turmeric into our bodies. These three ingredients could easily be combined into any curry and or warming spicy dish and many people make a milky “tea” drink (omitting the oil).

Epionce skincare developed by top US Dermatologist Dr Carl Thornfeldt, is formulated with a blend of active ingredients that work together and combine a highly effective delivery system with botanical antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients. One of these ingredients is none other than Turmeric.

The mysterious root is gaining popularity for its anti-inflammatory benefits on the skin. This knobby plant is found in Epionce MelanoLytePigment Perfection Serum. Like Date, Turmeric is one of several key botanical sources that work synergistically to reduce the visible appearance of dark spots and help improve the appearance of skin brightness.

So however you decide to use Turmeric it’s good to know that this humble spice is packed full of wonderful benefits that can help your skin, body and mind.