The Importance of a healthy skin barrier

The importance of a healthy skin barrier

External skin barrier


Dr Carl Thornfeldt, one of the top 5 Dermatologists in the US and founder of Epionce, found during his studies that the stratum corneum is not just a layer of dead skin that serves no purpose, but instead forms the skin’s protective barrier and is an essential part of the skin’s renewal process. It protects the deeper layers of the epidermis and shields the skin from environmental assaults that drive chronic inflammation. The pathogenic cycle of barrier damage and chronic inflammation are the dual root causes that all skin diseases, including premature ageing, have in common. Epionce was developed to impede that destructive cycle, to calm damaging inflammation and rapidly repair the skin barrier.

Things that disrupt the skin barrier;

  • External factors such as prolonged UV exposure, harsh climates and environmental pollution.
  • The ageing process.
  • Underlying skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis.
  • Repeated and/or harsh physical exfoliation.
  • Excessive use of individual ingredients such as L-Ascorbic Acid ( Vitamin C) and Retinoids.
  • Moisturisers with little or no barrier repair properties.

Instagram is full of people emphasising barrier repair in one breath and then recommending barrier-compromising products in the next.

In Dr Carl’s original research, he reviewed the 3 key lipids in the skin barrier and found the ideal ratio for optimum benefit. It is this exact formulation of lipids that is contained within the Epionce Renewals and Intensive Nourishing Cream making these products ideal for protecting and repairing.

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