Patient Satisfaction Survey 2014 - Results

Woodford Medical is delighted to confirm the fantastic results we received from our Patient Satisfaction Survey 2014!

Form being filled in

Over 500 of our patients took the time to complete our questionnaire, giving us vital feedback in order to help us keep our standards at a premium, top class level.

We would like to thank everyone who submitted answers and let you know that all comments have been taken on board and will be used to make sure Woodford Medical continues to provide a top class service to our clients.

Here are some of the results collected in February 2014:

Prior to their appointment:

  • We asked our patients to rate how well we were able to accommodate their appointment - 95% answered 'Good' or 'Very Good'.
  • When asked to rate the appearance of our facility, 94% of our patients answered 'Good' or 'Very Good'.
  • They were then asked to rate the person who greeted them as they arrived for their appointment - 94% of our patients rated them 'Good' or 'Very Good'.

During their appointment:

  • 98% of our patients, when asked how caring their Provider was, answered ‘Good’ or ‘Very Good’.
  • When asked to rate how well their Provider listened to them, 98% of our patients answered 'Good' or 'Very Good' with the additional 2% answering 'Fair'.
  • 96% of our patients also answered 'Good' or 'Very Good' when asked to rate how well their Provider explained the treatment options to them.

After their appointment:

  • 92% of our patients rated the procedure they had with us either ‘Good’ or ‘Very Good’.
  • 86% of our patients, when asked if they would recommend our services to friends and family answered ‘Yes’ or ‘Yes, definitely’.
  • 96% of our patients rated their overall experience with Woodford Medical as ‘Good’ or ‘Very Good’.

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