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Epionce Renewal Facial Lotion


Renewal Facial Products

The Epionce philosophy is based on years of skin research that has proven to be the driving force behind skin disease and skin ageing - chronic inflammation and a damaged skin barrier. This ground-breaking research by Epionce founder and CEO, Dr. Carl Thornfeldt, was the inspiration for the formula in Renewal Facial Cream -the flagship product in the Epionce line, and one of three Renewal Facial products. In clinical studies, Renewal-based regimes were proven equal to prescription emollient tretinoin 0.05% + lactic acid moisturiser for anti-ageing results.

More than just a lotion, Renewal Facial products are powerful multi-tasking treatment moisturisers. They are key to repair the skin barrier and block damaging inflammation in order to slow skin ageing and provide skin with the right amount of hydration it needs for optimal skin health. A Renewal Facial product is the best place to start when deciding your daily skin care regime.

How Renewal Facial Products Help:

• Stop inflammation and repair damage

• Target fine lines and wrinkles

• Stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis

• Adjust barrier lipids to 3:1:1 ratio to trigger the healing process

• Reduce redness and improves skin tone

• Help relieve side effects caused by topical prescription products

• Provide a youthful, healthy glow

• Non-comedogenic, paraben-free and fragrance-free

The Epionce Difference

It's not enough for a product to say ingredients are "active," or to formulate a product with large amounts of any ingredient for better results. It's about optimal levels of the ingredient that remains stable within the skin once they have been mixed into a cosmetic formulation. The unique Epionce delivery system ensures therapeutic ingredients reach the skin cells without damaging the skin barrier, which allows Epionce to be so effective in the skin.

Key ingredients:

• Hyaluronic Acid has anti-inflammatory properties and helps the skin retain essential moisture levels

• Meadowfoam Extract provides anti-inflammatory and barrier repair properties as well as produces firming in the skin

• Safflower Extract is barrier-repairing and helps maintain moisture in the skin

• Apple Fruit Extract is rich in antioxidants to protect against damage caused by free radicals

• Date Fruit Extract has been shown to improve fine lines and wrinkles and stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis

• Flax Extract stimulates glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), important for supporting collagen and elastin, and has anti-inflammatory and skin firming benefits.

Pioneering Skin Care

Epionce Renewal Facial Cream was the first cholesterol- dominant barrier repairing product on the market.

Renewal Facial Cream

Choosing the right Renewal

Renewal Facial Cream

• For dry/sensitive skin

• A rich cream for extra hydration

• Repairs and calms dry, irritated skin

• Can be an alternative to Renewal Facial Lotion in winter for added moisture

Renewal Facial Lotion

Renewal Facial Lotion

• For normal/combination skin

• Great for most skin types

• Lighter consistency is emollient without feeling heavy

• An alternative to Renewal Lite Facial Lotion in the winter months or Renewal Facial Cream in the summer months

Renewal Lite Facial Lotion

Renewal Lite Facial Lotion

• For oily/problem skin

• Lightest hydration formula

• Ideal for warmer climates and weather

• Can be an alternative to Renewal Facial Lotion in the summer months

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