Profhilo® Body - A new approach to skin laxity and body care at Woodford Medical.

Profhilo Body kit

Profhilo® Body was launched in the UK following the overwhelming success of Profhilo for the face. Profhilo in general is an innovative treatment which acts directly on sagging skin and combines bio-remodelling with a tightening and super hydrating effect.

Profhilo® Body is the only injectable treatment specifically indicated for the treatment of skin laxity on areas of the body. Falling into the category of a tissue stimulator, Profhilo® is a hyaluronic-acid injectable that puts the peachiness back into dry, parched, wrinkled skin.

It comprises of a higher percentage of hyaluronic acid than the Profhilo® facial product and in addition to ensure optimum results the Profhilo® Body kit also includes a body patch to soothe and moisturise the skin post-treatment, along with a body cream to firm, tone and hydrate the skin as part of your on-going at-home skincare routine.

The body patch soothes and moisturises the skin post treatment and includes ingredients such as Arnica to soothe, Salvia Haunkei to provide anti-oxidant properties and Escin to reduce swelling. A clinical study has shown an increase of 33% in skin hydration and a decrease of 11% in skin irritation within an hour of using the body patch.

The final part of the body kit comprises of a multi-active modelling and firming cream to be applied between the two treatment sessions. With high concentration Hyaluronic acid, it assists with tissue re-modelling and helps restore the cellular function. A clinical study has shown that using the body cream increased skin hydration by 42%, elasticity by 9% and an improvement in skin firmness by 52% in the 28 days following the start of treatment.

Many areas can benefit from Profhilo® body including the abdomen, backs of arms, chest, neck, knees and backs of hands by improving skin elasticity and minimising the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and skin laxity. The treatment consists of two sessions approximately four weeks apart

Profhilo Body has seen some remarkable results, clinical studies show after the first session an improvement of the treated areas, in terms of wrinkles and skin laxity of 23%, these results have shown to have doubled after the second treatment making Profhilo Body an excellent choice to restore body confidence.

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