Is your skin looking and feeling as though it needs some serious help?


skincare angels


If freezing temperatures, blasting central heating, stress and of course the side effects of constant mask wearing are all beginning to play havoc with your skin then do not panic – assistance is at hand to help you bring your skin back under control and restore your complexion to its former pre-lockdown glory.

Our Aesthetic Therapists or ‘Skincare Angels’ as we like to call them are on hand to provide a virtual skin health consultation via Zoom or Facetime – whatever suits you.

They begin by arranging a time most suitable for you and that includes evenings and weekends for those needing to fit around work and/or home-schooling.

After a short introduction they will ask you to look into a mirror and describe what your main areas of concern are rather than tell you what they should be. Everyone is an individual and no two clients have the same concerns – something our ‘Angels’ will be quick to tell you.

We then look at long term solutions, budgets and realistic outcomes before preparing both a treatment plan as well as a great Epionce skincare regime. We realise currently during lockdown that we cannot offer you our range of lovely treatments but we can make considerable progress with your skin condition to restore and protect it. With this in mind our Therapists can provide a full Epionce skincare regime that is tailored to your own individual needs. We will get the products delivered straight to your door along with an individual prescription sheet that your Therapist has worked through on the consultation with you. This will perfectly prep the skin in advance of any recommended treatments once we open our clinic doors again and we are more than happy to schedule an appointment for your treatment in the future (a little something to look forward to!)

Once you receive your products if you have any concerns or queries then our ‘Skincare Angels’ are available at the end of the phone or via email to help you. We want to help you look and feel your very best even if it’s only for the postman to notice!

To book your virtual skincare consultation today call us on 01245 227983 or visit our website.

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