With your safety being paramount we will be delighted to welcome you back to our clinics from July

Welcome back
Welcome back

We look forward to welcoming you back to our clinics from July.

It is with great delight that we can open our doors once again to all our loyal and patient clients in the very near future. As the clinics are now re-opening from July we would like to reassure you that in the best interests of your health and that of our staff we are going to adhere to a strict protocol surrounding your treatments.

We will be sending you a protocol letter prior to your appointment regarding the measures which we have put in place to ensure your safety when visiting any of our clinics so you can feel reassured that you will be treated in a secure and totally sanitised environment.

In brief these are just some of our new protocols and guidelines that you can expect when you next visit one of our clinics and we trust that these will instil the utmost confidence in our ability to treat you carefully and safely.

Our Protocols in brief:

  1. We do ask that should you feel unwell in any way prior to your appointment please call us to reschedule.
  2. If you come with someone it is important that they do not come into the clinic with you.
  3. Please come at the allotted time as our normal waiting room will not be available.
  4. When you arrive please stay in your car and phone the clinic on your mobile or if you are a Belfast, London or Leamington Spa client please use the buzzer on the front door.
  5. One of our lovely assistants will greet you at the door.
  6. We ask you not to bring any handbag although you may bring your phone and payment card. Our card machines can also take Apple payments as well as normal debit/credit card transactions.
  7. Your temperature will be measured with a sensor device and you will be asked to use the hand sanitiser. We will also provide you with a face mask to wear throughout your visit.
  8. You will then be shown directly to the treatment room where the Doctor and Assistant will be wearing PPE equipment including a face visor and mask.

We are delighted to inform you that in line with Government guidance from the 1st August 2020 all treatments with our Aesthetic Therapists can resume.

We will be contacting you via phone and email to help you schedule your appointments.

Please view our video which will help you when you visit us.