Epionce Skincare - Clinically Proven To Work For Your Skin

Another happy customer using Epionce Skincare products explains here why you shouldn't believe the 'hype' of expensive brands - choose instead the products that have been clinically proven to work.

Epionce products

For many years I have tried every product that claims to work, usually believing that the more expensive the product the better it must be.

My husband recently bought me Creme de La Mer, believing the hype that surrounds it that there would be a noticeable difference. Unfortunately like every other product there was no difference to my skin, nice packaging etc but not much else.

Dr Patterson introduced me on a recent visit to the Epionce products, explaining the research that goes into the actual product. I used the product on the run up to an Epionce Facial Peel and immediately friends told me my skin looked brighter and smoother.

I especially like the Intensive Nourishing Cream as it is an excellent base for make up and leaves the skin feeling smooth, moisturised and doesn't dry out throughout the day. I will definitely be continuing to use these products as you can visibly see the difference.

For more information on the Epionce Skincare range and how it can work for you please contact us to book your skincare consultation with one of our highly trained therapists.