Dr Patterson Dispels the Myths Behind Botox

26/11/13 Dr Patterson dispels five popular misconceptions surrounding the uses and results of Botox Injections.

Myth No.1 – Botox Injections will distort my expressions and freeze my face

Botox Injections work by relaxing individual and carefully targeted muscles in the face. This will ease out negative frown and worry lines and provide a smooth and relaxed look. When administered by an experienced Doctor the result should be soft and natural. Facial expressions can be distorted and frozen when administered by an unskilled practitioner so choice of doctor is crucial.

Myth No. 2 –Botox Injections contain a dangerous toxin and will poison my body

The toxin used in Botox Injections is a purified protein used in minute concentrations to produce a relaxant effect in a safe and controlled way. It is a prescription only medicine and is manufactured under very stringent conditions and is licensed for use in the UK.

They were originally developed for treating a variety of medical disorders such as migraines, back pains, facial spasms and underarm sweating.

There are over three million procedures performed every year.

Myth No.3 – Botox Injections are painful and have many side effects

Botox Injections are virtually pain-free and will only cause slight discomfort at the time of procedure. Side effects are very rare and temporary if they do occur.

Myth No. 4 – Botox Injections are permanent

The effects of Botox Injections last an average of three to four months. This is because the injections block nerve impulses to the muscles and over time these recover by regenerating.

Myth No. 5 – Actress Lesley Ash had Botox Injections in her lips!

Lesley Ash had permanent silicone injected into her lips to enhance them, but suffered a disastrous allergic reaction. We would never use this type of product on our clients.