Can there be such a thing as over-cleansing your face ?


When asked by a beauty journalist recently on whether it's possible to ‘over cleanse’ the face and can it be damaging, Dr Mervyn Patterson who has had an interest in skin health for over 25 years had this to say :

“I’m very keen for people to cleanse their skin in the morning. Sure, it isn’t as important as the night cleanse where one removes sunscreen, makeup and all of the days collected grime, but it is still important to clear the skin of any build-up of sebum, dead skin cells, bacteria and mites that accumulated during the night.

The key to a good cleanser is one that, in addition to being effective, helps repair the health of the external skin barrier. This barrier is literally the roof of the skin and is comprised of flattened epithelial cells and thin layers of lipids. In healthy skin these lipids are in a perfect 1: 1: 1 ratio of ceramides, cholesterols and free fatty acids. Deviate too far from this ratio and the skin barrier starts to fail, allowing elements from the environment to penetrate too easily and deeper water to be lost with an increased risk of sensitivity, inflammation and dryness. Applying the morning skincare routine on top of uncleansed skin may reduce effectiveness of the skin regime and increase the risk of pore blockages and outbreaks.

It is so important to keep the skin healthy and not disrupt what is natural. There is delicate, balanced relationship between the normal skin flora on the surface of the skin, the external skin barrier and skin’s defence mechanisms. Using cleansers that are poorly formulated or that contain too high a level of active ingredients may adversely affect what are complex relationships.

It is very important that the cleanse routine at night should gently but effectively remove all eye makeup. Leaving this type of material in place overnight simply increases the risk of both skin and eye irritation.

Epionce Gentle Foaming Cleanser contains all of the above properties. Effective but gentle whilst at the same time formulated to help repair the lipid balance in the external skin barrier.”

Epionce gentle foaming cleanser