Sciton BBL Broad Band Light Laser Side Effects

What to expect from Sciton BBL Laser Treatment?

What are the immediate effects and post treatment sensations of a BBL treatment?

After undergoing a BBL treatment, it's common to experience immediate sensations akin to a mild sunburn. This warmth typically lasts anywhere from one to twelve hours, based on individual tolerance, treatment intensity and existing skin damage. Patients with heightened redness or pigmentation tend to absorb more light energy, potentially leading to more pronounced side effects. Experienced practitioners adjust treatment parameters accordingly to mitigate risks, especially in individuals with significant photodamage.

What are the side-effects of BBL in terms of redness, swelling and pigment changes?

Redness is a predictable outcome post-BBL treatment, particularly noticeable in individuals with pre-existing conditions like rosacea or visible veins. The degree of redness correlates with the severity of existing skin redness; essentially, the more redness before treatment, the more pronounced it may be afterwards. This redness indicates that superficial veins have undergone a controlled thermal change, prompting an inflammatory response that aids in eliminating unwanted vessels.

Swelling is another expected effect, typically prominent in the upper cheek and under-eye areas. The extent of swelling depends on the proximity of treated areas to the eyes. Practitioners can minimise swelling risk by adjusting settings around the eyes and reducing the number of passes during treatment.

Patients with pigmentation concerns should anticipate temporary darkening of treated areas as pigment cells respond to the pulses of light energy. This darkening typically peaks around 4-5 days post-treatment before gradually lightening as the skin undergoes natural cell turnover. While more significant pigmentation may result in longer downtime, makeup can help conceal changes, allowing patients to maintain their routines.

Sciton Broad Band Light (BBL) Side Effects

What are the more Significant Side Effects of BBL in terms of bruising, blistering and rare scarring

Bruising may occur in areas rich in blood vessels, appearing deep purple initially but resolving within approximately two weeks. While bruising indicates vessel clearance, it's a temporary side effect.

Very occasionally blisters may develop post-treatment, though they typically resolve on their own without intervention.

Rarely, lasting scars have been reported, though such occurrences are extremely uncommon and should not deter patients from seeking BBL treatments from registered clinics with experienced practitioners.

Understanding these side effects empowers patients to make informed decisions about BBL treatments, recognising both their benefits and potential risks.

BBL Broad Band Light Side Effects Pigmentation

Reducing side-effects of BBL Laser Treatments with Velez Cooling Facial Masks

We have introduced the innovative Velez Cooling Facial mask into our post-treatment regime in our ongoing commitment to providing the best possible experience for our clients undergoing BBL laser treatments. This advanced biotech cellulose face mask delivers immediate hydration, calming effects and extensive cooling to the skin, complementing the benefits of BBL therapy. The Velez cooling mask is paraben and fragrance free with no artificial ingredients and suitable for vegans.

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