A 'Sprinkling' of Botox? - A Doctor's View

7/5/14 The uses of Botox continue to grow and evolve and one of the latest applications has been termed a “sprinkling of Botox”. It sounds a bit like “fairy dust” and to some extent almost is.

A lady receiving Botox

Very small amounts of Botox are injected all over the face and rather than relaxing large muscles as is the usual Botox method, this will give a very subtle improvement to the complexion giving a glow and reduction in redness all over the face and an overall softening to the face.

A certain A list actress mentioned very publicly that she puts her youthful good looks and perfect skin down to “the lightest sprinkle of Botox twice a year” . She went on to say “at 47 years old, it just takes the edges off!

Dr Allan at Woodford Medical has been asked by some of her regular Botox clients about this “new” treatment.

She has this to say “Botox given in such minute quantities will give a very subtle improvement to the skin but I prefer to achieve an even better result by carefully selecting key areas of need on my clients face and then injecting small but effective doses of Botox to give a very natural improvement

She went on to say “targeting areas of necessity is much more desirable than injecting all over the face. There is no need to inject areas where no improvement is necessary or required.

Dr Allan has been practising Botox Injection procedures at Woodford Medical for over fifteen years, watch her in practice: