2,227 Women Are Diagnosed With Hyperhidrosis Every Year

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Did you know that 2,227 women are diagnosed each year with hyperhidrosis – that’s excess sweating to you and me!

Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive sweating – this is not just sweating after exercise, this is a medical problem caused by overactive sweat glands producing excessive sweat patches in the underarm, palms and feet areas of the body. There is no one known cause but is thought by the medical profession to be caused by problems with the sympathetic nervous system.

This common problem affects 3% of the population but more than half of those people go undiagnosed and untreated leaving them feeling embarrassed and insecure about their appearance.

This topic was discussed on the Lorraine Kelly show today with Kate Garraway and Dr Hilary Jones. Kayley Waterer told the viewers how her life had been affected by this embarrassing problem since the age of 14 and the incredible change that Botox injections in her underarm area had made. Kayley has now been able to pursue her dream career of veterinary nurse, wearing her uniform with pride not embarrassment.

Dr Hilary Jones went on to say “excessive sweating can be emotionally devastating and can really affect people lives. In cases of hyperhidrosis the sympathetic nervous system produces ten times the amount of sweat normally produced.

Mild sweating can be helped by an anti - perspirant containing aluminium chloride.

There are treatments really work very well in more severe cases Botox can be very useful as it paralyses the nerves that cause the sweat glands to produce excessive sweat giving long term relief."

Watch the whole interview.

Dr Mervyn Patterson who has been treating patients for hyperhidrosis for many years at Woodford Medical clinics in Essex and London agrees with the findings on the programme.

Dr Patterson had this to say “Kayley’s case is typical of many patients that I see in my clinic. They are at their wits end in how to deal with saturated clothing and trying to remain calm and composed in a social and professional environment when they suffer from excessive sweating. I assure them that this is a problem that can be resolved and talk them through the procedure that I use in my clinic, which is Botox injections

He went on to say “Botox injections for hyperhidrosis is a quick 10 minute procedure and is suitable for everyone. It is side effect free and is approved and licenced in the UK for excessive sweating. However, it is very important that the doctor giving these injections is experienced in doing so because if done incorrectly it will be much less effective”.

Tom, a Botox for sweating in Essex patient at Woodford Medical said-

"This has changed my life completely. I can go out anywhere, I don't have to watch what I wear and I don't have to keep my arms glued to my side anymore. My clubbing days are back on the agenda!"

Watch Tom's procedure being performed by Dr Patterson: