Things To Know Before Getting Dermal Fillers

In the world of cosmetics, things are always moving forward. New treatments are being developed on a daily basis; people have more options than ever, when looking to regain their youthful appearance. However, there is one type of procedure that, over the years, has established itself as one of the finest on the market, in terms of obtaining first-class results. Dermal fillers have cemented themselves as the most popular option for many people. As a clinic that has regularly administered dermal fillers in Leamington, the team here at Woodford Medical are happy to provide a brief breakdown of everything that you need to know before undergoing one of these procedures.

Short Recovery Time

Whilst you may notice some small pink spots immediately after your session, for many people this is the full extent of the side-effects post-procedure. When you, for example, enhance your lips with dermal fillers, you have the opportunity to enjoy almost immediate results, with very few negative ramifications.

Results Are Not Permanent

This is something that cannot be stressed enough. Things such as botox treatments and lip filler procedures will not last forever. Typically, if you were to get dermal fillers in your lips, you can expect to enjoy visual results for anywhere between three and six months. Results generally tend to vary due to the location of the initial injection.

Minimal Amount Of Pain

As is to be expected, there are many individuals that do not relish the prospect of having needles in their faces. Whilst, as with any type of injection, there will likely be a small pinching sensation, this is likely to be the full extent of pain that you experience. If you are still worried, we recommend that you obtain some numbing cream - this will further minimise the discomfort that you have to go through.

Various Types of Procedures

Most people assume that dermal fillers can only be used to accentuate, enhance, and promote the way in which their lips look. However, this is not the case. Thanks to the versatility of the hyaluronic acid, there are numerous cosmetic enhancement procedures that involve dermal fillers. If you are suffering from a breakout of crow’s feet, or are looking for a way in which to eliminate the frown lines that you have developed over the years, you should not rule out undergoing a filler treatment. There are also times in which these fillers can be used to revitalise the skin in people’s hands.

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