Minor Surgery - The Solution You Didn’t Know You Needed

For many individuals, minor surgery is not characterised as aesthetic enhancement; rather, it is a procedure that is more closely associated with hospitals. Whilst this was certainly true in the past, thanks to the developments which have been made within the leading skin clinics, this is something which can now be found in the catalogue of services provided by state-of-the-art establishments. These types of treatments are not only high-quality procedures, but they can truly have a profound impact on the lives of those who undergo them. Should you wish to educate yourself on some of the ailments which can be treated via minor surgery, the team here at Woodford Medical will be more than happy to offer you some insight into the matter.


There is an immediate association made between moles and cancer - although this can certainly be the case, in many instances they are, in fact, benign, which is to say that they are harmless. However, this does not make them any-less unsightly; many people find them to be a blemish on their overall appearance, and thus wish for them to be removed. Due to their cosmetic classification, they are not treated by GPs. Instead, aesthetic enhancement clinics are able to operate on them.

Skin Tags

You will be hard-pressed to find someone in this world that doesn’t have some form of skin tag upon their body. As with moles, they do not pose a risk to the afflicted, yet are typically considered to be unsightly. Thankfully, minor surgery provides a solution which is not only extremely effective, but also quick-and-easy. The time to heal is also minimal, meaning that no stitches are required - instead, you are able to carry on with life as normal, without a care in the world.


For those that didn’t already know, milia are characterised as bumps on the skin. They do not typically exceed more than two millimetres in size, and can be identified by their solidity, as well as the white tips. The cause of these forming is extremely common - in essence, it is due to a lack of exfoliating on the part of the afflicted. Subsequently, skin flakes end up becoming wedged underneath the skin. These can be found anywhere on the skin, but are most commonly associated with the face. Once again, these are not what people consider to be attractive, hence why minor surgery is a fantastic fix.

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