Hyaluronic Acid - Everything you Need to Know

In the twenty-first century, the progress which has been made in the world of aesthetics is staggering to say the least. No longer are people forced to accept the way in which they look - there are now various procedures on the market which can alter and enhance your appearance. In terms of dermal and lip fillers, there is a common denominator that they share; they both feature hyaluronic acid, and for good reason. The specialists here at Woodford Medical are pleased to be able to offer some insight as to why this is, as well as the basic information that you should know.

Helps Eliminate Saggy Skin

The signs of ageing is something that we can all be accused of wanting to delay, and for good reason; the smooth and soft skin which we are in possession of when we are younger is often taken for granted, until it is taken away. As many of you will already know, dermal filler treatments are one of the best ways to combat saggy skin. However, what you may not have been aware of is the fact that the active ingredient during this method is hyaluronic acid - this is what brings about the incredible results.

Can be Found in Different Forms

Should you be a relative novice to the world of cosmetic enhancement, it is important that you realise that hyaluronic acid is not only found in liquid form. Some companies have identified that in order to maximise its potential, it should instead be administered as a gel-like substance. This is because it is able to add volume to the skin over a prolonged period of time, thanks to the slow-release time. Whilst the outcome can vary depending on the quantity used, what cannot be argued is the top-tier effects which can be achieved.

Brings About Natural-Looking Results

There is a reason as to why so many people, when browsing through aesthetic procedures, inquire as to whether hyaluronic acid will be involved. This is due to the fact that it is a substance which is naturally-occuring within the human body - for those interested, this is predominantly within the skin. It is no wonder, then, that the results are as good as they are; it is able to combat the ageing process, thanks to its ability to mimic the reactions of the skin it is found in.

An Unbeatable Moisturiser

Were you to conduct a survey in regards to the most prominent property which is exhibited by hyaluronic acid, the results would undoubtedly be in overwhelming favour of the manner in which it moisturises the skin. If you were previously unaware, filler injections use this substance due to its status as a humectant. These types of fillers work by collecting moisture from the air, hence why the skin can subsequently retain its softness for a significant period, regardless of if you continue to use artificial, shop-bought products.

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