Woodford Medical - How I have missed you! Part 4 - THE FINALE

One of our long-standing and most loyal clients took to poetry to express her thoughts and feelings about being in lock-down for the last three months and being unable to see us for her regular treatments.

She sent us not one but four poems the final of which was written after she came for her appointment a few days ago. We are delighted she has given us permission to share them with you.

Poem number Four - The Finale

Thank you to Woodford Medical

I’ve just returned from Woodford

That’s Woodford medical - not the town!! Feeling so much better now I’m

not looking like a clown

Got a grin back on my face

Instead of that hideous frown

Got my life so back in gear

Instead of enduring a MAJOR DOWN!!!!!

Got thru all your golden rules including the hand wash sanitation

You really were so careful due to

The scourge that’s hit the nation

I travelled to you on an ice block with much in trepidation

My face had got so very bad that I’d taken to sedation!!

The ‘cattle mat’ to walk thru

to prevent the spread of germs

The masks we all were wearing

Just totally reaffirms

That the temperature test we went thru will reduce all of our concerns

So that the “amazing magic doctor” can give us all the best returns!!!

I can now look in the mirror

And not ask “Who the hell is that??”

With the Botox and the fillers done I’m like the Cheshire Cat!!

The body I can live with????

Cos I move like an acrobat

But my face without your brilliance resembled a vampire bat!!

So - now’s the time to ‘Thank you’ all for the amazing work you do

Thank you for putting up with me when I became so very blue!!

You’ve transformed my face from looking like a tatty old gymshoe

Allowing the ‘make up’ to look better

Rather than just ‘make do’!!!!!

So thanks again you amazing team

Cos you’ve prevented me going “cuckoo”!!!!!